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Health Sector Investments, Presale
VIC (Vitality Coin) Starts Today


The impeccable implementation and utilization of blockchain technology is in the health sector. Moreover, the current situation in the world is still being affected by the Covid 19 pandemic. The impact of this pandemic extends to all sectors throughout the world.

The situation in the midst of a pandemic has opened the eyes of almost everyone in the world. Health is the most vital investment, and at the same time shows that the health sector is so important. Meanwhile, the health sector also needs continuous innovation.

The use of technology in the health care sector cannot be underestimated. This blockchain technology implementation is the best opportunity. Providing layered security, effectiveness, and minimizing operational costs. Speaking of the investment side, the pandemic condition has made the health sector a major concern.

Aga Manhao as the Founder and Managing Partner of Future Health and Futuris Solution on July 30 through an online discussion said that currently there is an abundance of more capital in the health technology innovation sector.

On the same occasion, CSO Accobits Technologies Shameer Thaha said, "Covid 19 has triggered many startups in the health technology sector to develop services and products to meet their requirements," he said.

VIC Rewards, is a utility coin from the implementation of blockchain technology for the health sector. This VIC utility coin is a native coin from dClinic. The project was built to become a bridge for both healthcare agencies, care givers, patients and their relatives.

The VIC coin acts as a motor for the ecosystem. This includes giving awards to consumers and the care givers. The interactions developed allow consumers to be motivated to maintain their health. This includes when the patient undergoes the treatment process.

In general, the implementation of the developed technology allows this platform to be useful in both the public and private health sectors. Even for insurance companies.

Since its introduction in 2019, dClinic's VIC (Vitality Coin) was launched today.

Presale VIC (Vitality Coin) Officially Opened

The presale of VIC coin is officially open today, 24 August 2020. The presale stage is also limited to valid until 20 September 2020. Limited to 7,350 investors and will not reopen.

Investors who have purchased at the presale stage will then receive certification from VIC Rewards which will be announced via email. After that, the number of VIC coins purchased will be allocated to the registered buyer's address.

The price of coins in the Presale stage is pegged at USD $0.1 per VIC coin. The minimum purchase at the presale stage for VIC coins is 1,000,000 Rupiah. The benchmark price is equivalent to 676 coins VIC. Buying VIC at the presale stage will get an additional 44 VIC coins.

So that with a total of Rp. 1 million, participating investors will receive a total of 720 VIC coins, and their multiples apply. A minimum purchase of IDR 1 million at the presale stage will also get 1 lottery coupon with hundreds of prizes that have been prepared. Meanwhile, if an investor who buys Rp. 2 million will receive a total of 1440 VIC coins, Rp. 5 million will get 3600 VIC coins.

Especially for investors with a purchase value of IDR 10 million, will receive a total of 7200 VIC coins. In addition, you will also get 1 grand prize coupon with a Vespa prize equivalent to IDR 35 million.

Presale Requirements:
1.   Provide a valid email address, KTP or SIM number, and phone number (fill in the Presale registration form here https://[Suspicious link removed]/2EuVwzd)
2.   Sign up for the VIC Rewards Newsletter https://vicrewards.io/signup
3.   Follow Instagram and Facebook VIC Rewards Indonesia
Instagram: https://instagram.com/vicrewards.id
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vicrewards.id/
4.   Join the Telegram Group VIC Rewards Global and VIC Rewards Indonesia
VIC Rewards Indonesia: https://t.me/vicrewardsid
VIC Rewards Global: https://t.me/dClinic_io
5.   Follow the VIC Rewards YouTube Channel
Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfnXmQdAbFIr-_bXNRO1W6g
6.   After you fill in the google form that we provide, you will receive an email from [email protected] for the payment address
7.   Investments under 5,000 USD can immediately do trading activitiesafter the listing.

The benefits of Investing in Vitality Coins (VIC)

The Vitality Coin (VIC) can be used to purchase products and services from Merchants in the VIC marketplace. These products and services can assist consumers in achieving a full and healthy quality of life.

VIC tokens can also be traded with other tokens. Furthermore, there will be more merchants with new products and services that can be found in the VIC Marketplace. The convenience is a target to meet the needs of investors more completely.
Not only that, the opportunity to invest at the VIC presale stage allows investors to reap various prizes.

Buy Back Program
One of the plus points when investing in the healthcare segment VIC is that it guarantees a "buy-back" option. This option is carried out annually. So that investors are more secure because the VIC ecosystem becomes more valuable.

On the other hand, the utility of VIC coins is also quite high. Investors would think twice or three times if they decided to sell the coin immediately, if it was traded on crypto exchanges. Especially within a month after the VIC Marketplace was launched. These additional features and services also provide real value to consumers of the VIC Rewards Ecosystem.

The VIC Rewards team is confident that this presale will provide significant benefits as well as a significant return on investment. In addition, dClinic investment advisors predict potential value increases in the first 12 months from launch.

So, what are you waiting for, don't miss this limited offer with the chance to win hundreds of prizes waiting for you!!

Join our Telegram group for more information regarding Presale VIC https://t.me/vicrewardsid(VIC Rewards Indonesia).

Telegram https://t.me/vicrewardsid

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vicrewards.id/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfnXmQdAbFIr-_bXNRO1W6g

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