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The  pre-ICO sale of Pieta is in its final stage now, and this is the final  call to all the potential investors who are still waiting for the right  opportunity. The perfect opportunity has arrived as the Pieta token is  now available at the lowest price along with the highest bonus offer for  just a few more hours. So, if you still haven�t invested, do it now or  miss it forever.

The  pre-sale of Pieta token will conclude on 14th May at 24 hours sharp,  after which the token price will increase to $1.5. So, this is the best  time for those who want to invest in the Pieta project for the  development of an eco-sustainable mining platform.

Have a question? Ask the Pieta team at [email protected] or visit the website for clarification.

Here�s why now is the best time to invest in Pieta token.

Pieta  is a utility token which will give its holders access to an  eco-friendly mining ecosystem including solar-powered mining rigs,  low-cost solar energy, mining contracts and platform. All these things  are under development presently.

 Pieta  is developing a one-of-its-kind crypto mining system which would be  powered by the natural solar energy. This is to reduce the investment  cost of mining as well as to minimize its adverse impacts on the  environment.

Another  interesting thing that you should know about Pieta is that the Pieta  token will be eventually converted into a tradable coin, which will be  listed on a number of top exchanges for trading once the ICO sale ends.

In  order to develop such a system, Pieta is looking for investors who  might be interested to support this environment-friendly project. So, we  humbly call all the potential investors and organization who care about  such projects and request them to invest in the project. Let not a good  idea go to vain just because of low funding.

Those,  who have already invested in the Pieta project can now wait for the ICO  sale to end, after which Pieta�s solar-based crypto mining rigs will be  launched publicly. Those, who are looking to participate in the ongoing  pre-sale can do so by following the steps below:

    Visit the official website https://Pieta.network/ (use https, not http)
    Click on �Join & Buy Token Now� button to create an account on the website
    Sign in to your Pieta account
    Select the number of tokens you want to buy
    Recharge your wallet with sufficient coins to pay for the purchase (Acceptable currencies � BTC, Dogecoin, Ethereum)
    Make the payment to complete the transaction

Once  your payment is verified by the Pieta team, your tokens will be  transferred to a secure escrow account. The tokens will be delivered to  respective buyers after the ICO sale ends.You  might be wondering about the profit strucutre of pieta ecosystem, don�t  worry about it. We�ve made the teaser of pieta ecossytem which includes  information regarding the investments and profit structure of pieta  ecosystem.

Check here: https://pieta.network/teaser.pdf

For more details, kindly visit the official website.


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