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We would like to bring to your attention a new crypto currency! ORYX coin !!!
We give out good Airdrops, and we have Generous Bounties !!!
For more information: click on the link below!
Everything is written under the video in the Description !!!

Welcome to the Oryxian community

Value creation always start at the grass root level of our societies, where people and their communities creates the building blocks of economic wealth and prosperity.

Our mission is to become a complete financial ecosystem that creates value through fundamentals of investment into startups, which will hold multiple monetary values,
while creating a social value, when these startups become the future employers of the world.

Oryxian, as a community, aims to launch a platform that is open, transparent and gives startups the access to our state of the art blockchain i.e. Nihilo, smart contracts
and token creation technology. OryxCash will provide a platform that would drastically lower the barriers to entry for entrepreneurs and innovators aiming to launch their
startup on the blockchain and gain exposure to regulated and asset-backed tokens.

In our bid to give back to society, Oryxian global investment mission is to promote social awareness opportunities supporting charitable and humanitarian projects in a variety
of municipal public good sectors. Our investment guidelines ensure that the groups and organizations we collaborate with can add value and enhance the �Human Development�
equation for all aspects of life. We have partnered with Rotary Tanzania, part of Rotary International and other partner charity organizations. Upon our successful exit from any
investments, 2% of the gain from such an exit would be allocated to the Rotary and other partner charity organisations. The names of new charity partners would be announced
on the website, as and when, the partnership with them are finalized.

Be the change you want to see in the world and join our community, we are commited to disrupt old ways of doing things in order to create a sustainable future for generations to come.

Next Generation Blockchain Financial Infrastructure.
OryxCoin is a eco friendly 3. generation full pos/masternode cryptocurrency with utility integrated into a fully crypto licensed banking system in Switzerland, Netherland, Luxemburg, Puerto Rico and Uruguay.
Currently we are waiting for our final confirmations on getting our Mastercard approval.
When legal matters are approved and our infrastructure systems are up and running, we will launch  platform with web dashboard as well as apps for Android and iOS.
Oryx ecosystem is powered by Nihilo Blockchain, a strong powerful blockchain engine that can adopt any use case on top of it.
The Oryx ecosystem will use both private and publically accessible Nihilo blockchain systems for instantaenous processing of peer
to peer transfer of wealth or simply cashless payment transactions.

   Algorithm: NIHILO
   Ticker: ORYX
   Block time: 120 sec
   Block size: 10MB
   Confirmations for transaction: 10
   Confirmations for mined block: 100
   Max supply: 21.000.000
   Masternode collateral: 10.000 ORYX
   Dark Gravity Wave
    Private Send Implementation

   Block reward: 10 ORYX
   Masternode Reward: 60%
   Staking Reward: 40%

We have 3 platforms under development where users can use OryxCoin as payment:

Bartero social media platform
Decentalised SoMe network where users can earn money on their likes, comments, shares, articles, posts, updates.
In other words you yourself can earn the money, that facebook earns on you when you use the platform. This is currently under test and development,
but you can sign up and be notified when ready.

Linux QT
Windows QT

Save oryxcoin.conf
Close and restart your wallet.

Github: https://github.com/oryxian/oryxcoin-resources/releases/download/1.0.1/oryxcoin-linux-qt-1-0-1

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