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Investments Altogether (IALT)          
Let your funds work

In the modern world, cryptocurrency has two global problems:

– The entry threshold for new investors has greatly increased, due to the large number of cryptocurrencies.
– There is no convenient and easy tool for creating a risk-free investment portfolio.

Let us examine a little more.

The threshold of entry for new investors has greatly increased, in which the grown

number of serious cryptocurrency. If earlier it was possible to work with full confidence that the price

cryptocurrency will not fall several times in a couple of hours, with a maximum of 8-10 cryptocurrencies, now there are many

more. Also, it is not always clear to a novice investor what needs to be done with the acquired asset, in

the result is that the investor either receives less profit (if his assets are simply idle) or even loses

money in the event of a fall in the price of its assets.

As a tool to solve this problem, we offer our universal token IALT (Investment Altogether).

What is its key feature? In that we do not offer golden mountains. We offer our knowledge and skills.

Our professionals who will significantly increase the profits of investors and reduce risks to near-zero level.

How it works?

The scheme is quite simple and effective, but requires serious work on the part of the development team, that is, us.

We constantly monitor numerous exchanges and collect an investment portfolio of many cryptocurrencies.

Then we act in accordance with an individual strategy for each coin.

For coins with masternodes, we launch masternode, which we sell after reaching its payback threshold,

for classical cryptocurrencies, a trading scheme with small limits is suitable on many exchanges at once, etc

The resulting profits are distributed among the holders of IALT tokens using a smart contract.

The total investment portfolio used in the work is constantly changing, new cryptocurrencies are being added,

hopeless removed.

This allows it to be kept up to date and maximize your profits.

How is the distribution of profits and who will work with the investment portfolio?

From the very beginning, trading operations will be conducted by several proven experts capable of working with dozens of currencies on several exchanges,

and in the future serious staff expansion is planned with the following rules:

– A new specialist starts working with a fairly small share of the sales budget.

– To increase its own trading limit, a new specialist must first earn a total of "your_limit x2". This is necessary to reduce the risks to the trade budget.

– Registration will require KYC / AML, possibly via Veriff.

The distribution of profits will be as follows:

10% – Support development team, infrastructure development.

10% – Own profit trade specialist.

20% – Increased sales budget. Provide a steady increase in token capitalization and token holders' profits.

60% – Distributed between IALT token holders in WAVES coins.

As you can see, the motivational part of the profits of sales professionals is large enough to attract the best professionals, and a constant increase in the sales budget will provide an opportunity to continuously increase the volume of trade, with a corresponding increase in profits.

Also, to support the IALT token rate, the development team will periodically conduct a buy-back.

To reduce overhead costs, part of the IALT tokens will be available for purchase directly for prospective coins and tokens, with which the trade specialists will work in the future.

Technical characteristics and distribution of IALT tokens.

Ticker – IALT

Name – InvestmentAltogether

Platform – WAVES

Decimals – 8

Quantity – 500,000

Reissuable – no


350,000 IALT – available for purchase on WAVES DEX for a month. Those tokens that are not redeemed will be burned.

50,000 IALT – operating reserve

50,000 IALT – allocated for the purchase of prospective coins and tokens directly

25,000 IALT – allocated for the weekly airdrop, among the active community

25,000 IALT – allocated for promotional purposes

Roadmap for the near future:

July 27 – Announcement launch, token output on WAVES DEX

August 2 – Launching the site, opening the registration of the owners of the token, starting work with the trade budget

August 3 – First airdrop among active community

August 10 – Second airdrop among active community

August 11 – Beginning of a wide advertising campaign,

August 16 – The first payment of profits to the owners of tokens, in manual mode

August 17 – The third airdrop among the active community

August 21 – Voting for the second active exchange for the IALT token

August 24 – End of voting for the second exchange, the fourth airdrop among the active community

August 25-31 – Adding a second active exchange

September 1 – Launch of a smart contract, automatic payment to the tokens holders, the fifth airdrop among the active community


If you are interested in a project in which your funds start working from the first days, pay attention to IALT.

We do not hold ICO and do not promise to gild our investors for a couple of weeks.

We offer our skills and knowledge. We offer regular payments and capitalization growth.

We offer a universal asset whose liquidity depends on cryptocurrencies as a whole.[/b]


Site (Soon)

Asset Issue

Presentation (whitepaper)

Presentation (whitepaper) (RU)






Airdrop rules:

– Available 100 places for 10 IALT each.

– Participation of accounts from Jr.Member and higher is possible.

– With each of your participation in airdrop reward increases.

– To participate fill out the form that will appear at the expiration of the timer.


A broad bounty campaign will be launched immediately after the start of the site. Keep in touch and don't miss it.



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