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Website explorer.easynodecoin.io
Registrar domain GoDaddy.com, LLC
Domain reg 2018-08-04
Domain exp 2019-08-04
Nameservers ns71.domaincontrol.com
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Offering all-in-one Masternode & Mining Solutions

EasyNodeCoin (ENCO) offers easy, affordable and all-in-one solutions for masternode & mining equipment owners in order to deploy, run, manage and monitor their valuable investments.
Our technology is top notch and our experienced team is continuously developing and improving it even more!

Technical knowledge is no longer required to run a masternode or mining farm, our platform makes masternodes and mining more accessible & easy for everyone.
Masternode Hosting, Shared Masternode Hosting & Mining Control Services will be the 3 services we will offer.

Our end goal is to offer an API accessible to everyone in order to host, use or provide their own masternode hosting and mining rig control services at almost cost price. We just charge a small rental fee in ENCO for using our API. We already have a working alpha platform offering hosting solutions for 14 popular masternode coins as a showcase for the technology we�re developing. We see the future big and bright and don't plan to stop here, offering our accessible solutions while the user is in full control at almost cost price will make us become market leader in this space.

Currently our Masternode hosting platform is operational, supporting +17 coins and offering users the easiest and cheapest way to offer their masternodes.
Charging just $0.25 cent a day and offering unique features like a reward system and mobile monitoring / alert service.

Coin spec
Symbol: ENCO
Block reward:
POW algo: LYRA2Z
Block time: 120 sec
Total supply 11,000,000

Why choose for ENCO ?

Beside the fact that ENCO will offer you an all in one solution for your masternodes & mining equipment there are many other reasons to chose for ENCO.

– ENCO  is currently the cheapest masternode solution in the market !
– ENCO  has state of the art technology !
– ENCO  offers you a bonus system, for every dollar you spent you get almost 10% back !
– ENCO  will support more coins then any other platform, we launced with 17 coins and are adding them on a weekly base !
– ENCO  offers you unique features which others don't have like monitoring, bonuses, alerts, etc.

How to acquire ENCO?

For now you can :

– Mine ENCO
– Use our Discord join & invite bounty
– Buy 1 of the 20 presale masternodes through Discord.
– Wait until we are listed on CryptoBridge (~1 week)


Linux: https://github.com/Easynodecoin/ENC/releases/download/1.2CP/linux.cli-d-tx.zip



Github: https://github.com/Easynodecoln/ENC/releases/download/1.2.0/linux.cli-d-tx.zip

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