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Website mncn.online
Registrar domain Go Daddy, LLC
Domain reg 2018-02-05
Domain exp 2020-02-05
Nameservers ns07.domaincontrol.com
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KulturNodes – The masternode revolution
*** the Kultur way to mine coins with masternodes – take during sale, the coins for a collateral ***

KULTUR is a fast and modern cryptocurrency that can be mined using PoS and has masternodes. It is the first cryptocurrency providing eligible Masternodes – Masternode holders who get rewards for stabilizing and securing the network can freely chose the MN tier they want.

Block rewards:

POW until block 1000 – 10 block reward
POS – 5 block reward
MASTERNODES – 7.5 block reward

Masternode trackers

http://mncn.online/ – after sale
http://masternodes.pro/ – after sale

Masternode setup guide

Will be available soon

Short symbol: KUL
Max supply: 10 millions
Premine: 12.000 KUL
Algo: Quark
Blocktime: 1 Minutes
Mining: Hybrid PoW + PoS (POW first 1000 blocks)
Block halvings: Weekly

Kultur Masternode system:

Masternodes will start after block 2000 – will update shortly information


Network launch in 6 hours


Q1 2019: Launch and sale campaign, Website launch, Community build with massive twitter and discord campaigns.
               Listing on exchanges right after sales is over
               Official whitepaper with the real indications of our system
               Yellow and GreenPapers posted
               Initiating the Peer-To-Peer Vault system

Q2 2019: Peer-to-peer Vault system Alpha launch
               Creating a full time development team arround the project
               Inflation rate checked and forks to be made after consulting the community
Q3 2019: Massive bounty campaign for testing out our Vault system.
               Attempts to finish the BETA and create a swap to our new main-network

Q4 2019: Launch of KulturVault, a decentralysed encrypted Vault for internet assets
               Marketing campaign to promote our system
               Launch of Escrow feature, do the trade secured on our network
               New directions and improvements


Crex24,TradeOgre are planned!


Discord: – https://discord.gg/8HPJwXN

We want to develop the project as much as possible without a big sale!
Presale (Can be bought with BTC,LTC and ETH) will start probably today, the price will be 0.1 BTC / 1000 KUL.
50% of pre-mine was sold with the help of private sales.

Discord: https://discord.gg/8HPJwXN

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