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A decentralized fashion platform.

Everyone wants to follow current fashion but the issue is that there is no any online dedicated platform to talk about fashion and current fashion trends. So we planned to introduce a social media platform of modern generation that will be dedicated to fashion and trends. Not only that, the platform is going to be built using blockchain technology and it will be decentralized in nature, so that it will reduce the involvement of an authority to maintain the privacy of users.

There is also a CURATE TOKEN, which is based on Ethereum's blockchain to reward the contributions of the community on our decentralized fashion platform.


1. There is no single point of call when it comes to where and how to get fashion  
inspiration and ideas.

2.People looking for  
unique content might find it harder to find what they need since  
the internet can be fond of providing generic content. Quality content may not be  
readily available because there is little to no form of inspiration to act as a driving  
force. The designers love their work but the absence of some sort of reward or  
compensation is enough to deter them from doing their job the best way they can.

3. There is also the issue of platforms being plagued with deceptive feedbacks and  

4.The traditional ICO system is not what it used to be. This is because there have been many reports as  
to investors losing a huge amount of their investment due to different ICO events  
turning out to be scams.


☑️ The CURATE platform offers a one stop solution to people looking for fashion  
inspiration and ideas.The fact that we act as curators also mean that we  
will have a huge library and collection of fashion trends from designers world over  
which also means that people have different unique styles to pick from.

☑️ The CURATE platform is also rewarding the contributors. Every idea posted by them  
will generate some sort of reward for them in digital tokens.

☑️ Our platforms will get rid of fake reviews and feedback easily with the Blockchain.

☑️ Rather than go with the trend of using traditional ICO�s to run our crowdfunding, we  
have instead decided to use the IEO method of approach. This is in its own way  
more secure and trustworthy for everyone since all security concerns will be  
handled ad taken care of by the exchanges we get listed on. The IEO is planned to launch at the end of this year.


The CURATE project is simple in its own way in that it is a platform based on the  
Blockchain network and is going to be based on the Ethereum network while  
utilizing the ERC�20 token system.

The token is pending listing on some good exchanges : P2PB2B, WhiteBit, Tokenstore, ExMarkets.

The CURATE platform being a dApp means it distributed system of service is run  
and hosted by numerous systems around the globe and not one central authority.  
All data that is also included in our platform is secured by cryptography.

Our platform acts as a discovery platform that curates men and women luxury  
fashion from inspiring brands. This method makes it simple for everyone engaging  
on the platform and will improve the quality and quantity of the services offered.

We also simplify fashion inspiration from around the world and ideas from far and  
wide means that there will be diversity in design with plenty to choose from for  



Twitter: https://twitter.com/curateproject

Telegram https://t.me/curate

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/curateproject

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/curateproject/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVq646oBKp6CTFUSIHsfKAw
Github: https://github.com/curate-project

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