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With ROMAD�s Initial Exchange Offering nearing commencement on March 15, let�s find out what the ROMAD PROJECT intends to do with these ROBUST DEFENSE TOKENS (RBDT) after the airdrops and distribution.

According to their whitepaper, Project ROMAD intends for Robust Defense tokens to be at the heart of their token economy and power the entire ROMAD blockchain ecosystem. Hmm� Sounds nice, but really what does it mean?

What this means is by migrating their patented technology to the blockchain, RBDT is built to drive value for use of all of ROMAD�s cybersecurity services as well as coordinate operations on the blockchain. So, you guessed it, all IoT devices connected to ROMAD ENDPOINT DEFENSE, RED, will need the blockchain and in turn: Robust Defense Tokens. But that�s not all, this fundamental change in operations is also to allow the launch of ROMAD�s innovative suite of products, the ROMAD AEGIS PLATFORM (RAP) and the ROMAD Sandbox Crypto Wallet. So yes, RBDT is to fuel ROMAD�s blockchain products and their ambitious goal to own 3% (in the least) of the Global Security Market Share.

Agreed, this fundamental change in operations is also a change in business model (as all business expansions are) in restructuring the previously existing b2b business model, so ROMAD�s new business model involves a viable token economy on the blockchain to open up their b2c market strategies already years in planning. The business model is simple and revolves around vibrant participation of ROMAD END USERS who automatically are the owners and holders of RBDT tokens. So, with the evolution of the project, the team have planned this to occur in disparate stages:

STAGE 1 is to actively facilitate community development as well as the rapid growth plan of the ROMAD platform by making ROMAD freeware and incentivizing ROMAD END USERS (i.e users of products like RED and ROMAD Crypto Wallet) with RBDT tokens whenever their nodes or delegate nodes repel an attack. Also by choosing to actively participate in ROMAD�s ecosystem by enabling sharing of attack information on its Proof-of-Reputation blockchain, these end users anonymously strengthen the security of the ROMAD community, ROMAD�s patented GENOME SEQUENCING, ROMAD�s malware detection and identity Machine Learning layer, as well as fostering the first fully transparent digital security solution in the entire cybersecurity industry! Tokens to facilitate this have already been reserved since the Token Generation Event. ( For full information of how this goes, See https://romad.io/romad_white-paper_eng.pdf?v3 )

STAGE 2 is Monetization of End Points and Big Data, and quite frankly, the most exciting part of the ROMAD token business model. All token holders and RBDT token stakers get compensated. Many monetization plans are ongoing by the team. One of the earliest plans of monetizing the platform involves License Ownership.

If you aren�t new to the ROMAD project, you�ll realize ROMAD issues a license to use any of its product. Currently, this license is FREE as RED is FREEWARE according to Stage 1 of ROMAD�s Token Business Model. As the project evolves and more licenses are generated, the monetization of repelled attacks comes into play for both b2b and b2c coverage. Here we see ROMAD subscribers paying to being proactively defended by ROMAD�s patented technology and suite of products, which have staggering advantages over currently existing subscriber models by both classic AVs and Next Generation AVs because with ROMAD you pay for successfully repelled attacks! There is also the blockchain transparency, ROMAD provides. This is important since millions pay for time-based antivirus subscriptions whether they are protected or not, but ROMAD will ONLY charge when an attack has been successfully repelled and all information about the attack available on the blockchain for end users to see.

It goes without saying that ROMAD is the only market solution that uses a PAY As YOU PREVENT economic model for its cybersecurity services, so that means for each malware blocked, ROMAD will charge the subscriber a small fee but ONLY when there is an attack (which according to current market research concluded by the team will be roughly about 7�8 times a year). The fee charged pays for the license generated to all end users for that year. So yes, a ROMAD END USER may get a guessimate of about $10 a year for every 3 RBDT tokens or so owned. In other words, you don�t have to sell RBDT tokens to get ETH or BTC when it rises at exchanges if this pans out nicely. Why? Because license ownership dividends come to every ROMAD TOKEN owner in their procurement wallets where their RBDT is sitting!!! And yes, license ownership will be attributed to Robust Defense Token holders.

( See this video by ROMAD�s FINEST to understand more about this monetization process  )

STAGE 3 and 4 is about enhancing both the software cloud testing, rating and White Hat bounty on our ROMAD AEGIS blockchain for mostly b2b market sectors and B2G2B mode and OEM and traditional partnerships and agreements while catering to the needs of the entire cybersecurity industry with this blockchain initiative, majorly because ROMAD�s proactive technology is patented and so the plan is to have RBDT facilitate interactions with these external cybersecurity initiatives and market forces (For more information on ROMAD�s patents See US patent:US 9,372,989 B2;EU patent: EP 2767 923 A3).

Now like every right-thinking business in technology, these business stages aren�t meant to be linear but non-linear and as flexible as possible. An example of this is the team�s recently concluded partnership with InCyber Technologies for the World�s First Bank-Card Sized Crypto-accessible and Secured ZETE phone! Keep in mind the team behind ROMAD consists of international elites from Ukraine, Russia, China, Singapore and US, and their Research & Development team successfully developed the Morpher obfuscating compiler that was sold to the world�s biggest SIM card manufacturer, Gemalto, whilst the operation team is comprised of managers from well-known Internet companies, including Microsoft and Baidu. So, it�s good to know the appetite, ingenuity, and aptitude of this team for success are still razor-sharp as ever, for what cannot bend in frontier business space will most surely break. I think the ROMAD Project owes it all to its impressive years of being in business.

The Initial Exchange Offering is pre-scheduled on multiple Korean, Singapobe disclosed ese Exchan.es. These exchanges will be disclosed in 3 weeks. That�s all. More to come!

Visit https://romad.io to learn more about ROMAD, its team, partners, sponsors and social channels. This shouldn�t be misinterpreted as financial advice but an honest evaluation of the RBDT business model. Find their Telegram community https://t.me/romadTGE
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Telegram https://t.me/romadTGE

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