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Earnsbit is a smart crypto trading platform based on Blockchain, initiated and developed by an experienced team of Singaporean experts in the filed of Cryptocurrency. Earnsbit will offer investors a great experience, because of its fast transaction processing, multiple coin codes available on the system and continuous updates, especially no transaction fees. In addition, continuous interaction between traders creates a sense of excitement for users. Easy-to-use interface along with 24/24 support team will bring users great satisfaction.


Monetary Freedom is something we always want to aim to, the influence of blockchain on the global economy is increasingly pronounced in all sectors, Blockchain technology is increasingly widely adopted because of its clarity, transparency and safety. A larger number of corporations have adopted blockchain technology into their system. Typically, Walmart is investing in solutions to improve food safety standards. In addition, Amazon also announced the Blockchain project in 2019.
EARNSBIT's orientation is based on the blockchain platform to create a crypto trading platform with user-oriented functions and experiences. Its orientation for 2020 will be one of the most prestigious crypto trading platforms of Asia and the world. Orientation for the third quarter of 2019 will issue ESBIT, a cryptocurrency, representing EARNSBIT.


Symbol: ESBIT
Total Supply: 200.000.000
IEO: 80.000.000
Price start: 0.07$
Price end: 0.14$
Round: 16
Hard cap: 8.400.000$
Soft cap: 2.000.000$
Listing on Earnsbit.com after the end of the IEO



We will conduct the ESBIT Burn process to permanently remove a number of coins from circulation, reducing the otal supply. Similar to BNB, the ESBIT burning events are scheduled to take place every quarter until 100,000,000 ESBIT are finally destroyed, which represents 50% of the total ESBIT ever issued (200,000,000 ESBIT). The number of ESBITs is burned based on the number of transactions made on the exchange within 3 months. So after each quarter, EARNSBIT burns ESBIT according to the overall trading volume. We launch a campaign to ensure that ESBIT's price will follow the roadmap!



If you refer a buyer, you will receive 10% of the total coins purchased by your referral
+ Users who buy ESBIT from $0 to $1,000 will get a bonus of 2% of total coins purchased
     + Users who buy ESBIT from $ 1,001 to $ 10,000 will get a bonus of 4% of the total coins purchased
  + Users who buy ESBIT from $10,001 to $ 50,000 will get a bonus of 6% of the total coins purchased
+ Users who buy ESBIT from $ 50,001 to $ 100,000 will get a bonus of 8% of the total coins purchased
– For organizations, groups, individuals who want to buy ESBIT more than $100,000, please contact us via
email "[email protected]" for more details of SELL PRIVATE program as well as a bonus of up to 10%.


After the end of the IEO, ESBIT price will be listed on our exchange: https://earnsbit.com/
ESBIT has the following uses:
– Considered a cryptocurrency and representative for EARNSBIT exchange platform. ESBIT is used to pay fees for transactions on EARNSBIT.
– Used in programs selling tokens on EARNSBIT
– Used to buy and sell supported coins on EARNSBIT


CEO & Founder

Wong Ming graduating from Carnegie Mellon University, the USA in Computer Science is a successful entrepreneur in the field of digital technology,
a talented, enthusiastic investor and a founder of Earnsbit. He has 7 years of experience in the field of cryptocurrency. His mission is to bring the
community the monetary freedom, creating an exchange platform at which transaction fees are approaching 0%. Revolutionary zero-fee exchange will
bring a turning point for the future of cryptocurrency worldwide!

Co-Founder & Community Executive

Lu Dan graduated from Singapore Management University (SMU) in Sociology in 2010. In 2012, she worked as a human resources manager at United Overseas
Bank Ltd. (UOB), Singapore. Having participated in the Indorse project, at the end of 2018 she joined Earnsbit. She hopes to bring back her experience for the
community. She believes that the community would accept and support Earnsbit in which a lot of effort and enthusiasm of the team were put to create the largest revolution.

Blockchain Developer

In 2002, Steven graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Computer Science. In 2005, he worked as an information technology department for Capital
One Financial Corp, the USA. In 2008, he worked at the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). Stevan learned about Blockchain and became a leading expert in the
field of blockchain in Singapore. He spent 7 years researching and innovating on blockchain. According to him, cryptocurrency will be the future of the world.
In 2018, he joined Earnsbit with a mission of global monetary freedom and zero-fee exchange platform.

Marketing Manager at EARNSBIT

Wang used to work in marketing project Tomochain, he graduated from Singapore Management University (SMU) with an excellent university degree.
His mission is to bring Earnsbit to the world. Come to Earnsbit, investors will be assured of security and fees!

Technology Developer
In 2008, Lee Zhang graduated from Auston Institute of Management, Singapore in Computer Security. He has worked at many major organizations such as Republic Protocol
and PolicyPal, and had extensive experience in the field of security technology. Now he decided to establish his own empire, where everyone can make zero-fee transactions

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EarnsBit

Telegram https://t.me/EarnsBitExchange

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EarnsBitExchange/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wong-ming-654696183

Whitepaper: https://earnsbit.com/api/v1/whitepaper

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