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RoboBit AI


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Powerful "Decenteralized" And "AI" Factory Cryptocurrency

"RoboBit Ai" is a decentralized, community-driven AI platform where everyone can participate in the growing artificial intelligence market as a customer, expert, developer or supplier to order or create and share AI services as value. RoboBit Ai offers a single platform handling of applied real-world problems, paid or for free. A solution is made by the AI/DS/ML community: customer places an order for a solution containing an AI tech; the members of our community start developing it and the completed one is tested and launched on our platform. It is also possible to integrate the solution into an existing business or platform. Customers are able to order an absolutely new AI solution or use one of the enterprise-ready solutions from our repository that has been rated by the RoboBit AI community's experts leading to time saving. To order a new solution, a customer can create a competition o3r challenge where developers in the community will participate. The developer who successfully creates the solution gets rewarded and the customer gets to use that solution. RoboBit Ai AIaaS (AI as a Service) platform allows to run production-ready solutions internally and make requests to it using API without deploying it on external servers, i.e. on the customer side. This makes possible to create scalable applications using AI with theoretically unlimited computing power for any device.

RoboBit AI Token (RBAI):

Name: RoboBit AI

Total supply: 150,000,000 RBAI

Token type: ERC-20 (Ethereum-based)

Decimals: 8

Contract: https://etherscan.io/address/0xcc4f0effdb46729c047064372d0bb196d035896d

Connects blockchain to the real world with global Network.

RoboBit Ai is a platform to help solve customers´┐Ż tasks through AI (Machine Learning/Data Science) competitions as well as a marketplace for these solutions and training datasets.Our mission is to bring together the best artificial intelligence experts and hackers, data scientists, machine learning developers, big data and computing power suppliers, investors, volunteers in one place to make better AI solutions more accessible, cheaper and easy for a wide range of customers, accelerate its development and create a global marketplace for AI solutions.

A Fully AI Based crypto ecosystem:✅

NO ICO Pre-Sale

Self-funding (the first part)

Two crypto licenses (European Union licenses)

Fully compliant (GDPR, Fincen, Fintrac, Austrac, etc.)

Working products (User-friendly)

RBAI integrated (9 features)

Mobile Apps (IOS & Android + APK) coming soon

A clear vision of the project

A skilled & new team in the crypto space

Token Burn at the end of the ICO (or not)

Very transparent company, team, and project

Fully AI Based UPCOMING Products:✅

AI Based trading platform + mobile apps

AI Based payment gateway with credit card + mobile apps

AI Based Create own blockchain

AI Based Create own stable coin (quarterly public audit)

AI Based Create our marketplace for goods & services

More to come…

Email and Support Link✅


Our Proudly ICO partner: Coinbase Commerce

Our Proudly ICO partner: CCtip

Our Proudly ICO partner: Cloudflare

Social Links:✅

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RoboBitAI

Telegram https://t.me/RoboBitAIOfficial

Medium: https://medium.com/@RoboBitAI

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXvWq7nHDQs

Github: https://github.com/RoboBit-AI

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