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Website glyff.io
Registrar domain NameCheap, Inc
Domain reg 2018-02-07
Domain exp 2019-02-07
Nameservers jake.ns.cloudflare.com

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What is Glyff ?

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We are building a next-generation decentralized
platform that enables secure value transfers
and smart contract execution, in complete
confidentiality and with strong correctness
guarantees. Glyff, like Ethereum, allows
development of decentralized applications, but
with a key difference : the ability of concealing
data from the computing nodes.
This enables developers to include sensitive
data in their smart-contracts, directly
on-chain, without compromise on security


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The goal of Glyff is to create an easily
accessible, privacy-preserving decentralized
platform on which all businesses can benefit
from smart contracts. It will provide the
security and privacy required to ensure an
efficient platform which is trust-less, scalable
and fully accessible to those without extensive
knowledge of cryptography such that it can
be truly ubiquitous and with no barriers.

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Glyff achieves privacy by leveraging
a cryptographic technique known as
�Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive
Argument of Knowledge�
, shortly zk-SNARK, which
allows the verification of a smart contract without
revealing the data that held within it.
That way, computation can be carried out
verifiably while all the information can
be immutably recorded onto the
blockchain without being exposed to third parties.
A �zero knowledge proof of correctness� is
published and verified by the consensus nodes
in order to guarantee integrity of operations.
Private data is shareable within and
between the relevant organizations, but it
remains unavailable to all others, guaranteeing


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Whitepaper (with tokenomics) Technical whitepaper (working draft)

Coin specifications

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Max amount Block reward Block time Hashing algorithm
~100,000,000 5 GLY 12 seconds ETHASH

Token Distribution

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Total tokens issued (100%)

Total tokens for sale (65%)

Glyff Reserve (15%)

Team and early contributors (10%)

Community group & strategic partners (10%)

Glyff sale

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Minimum investment: $125 Maximum investment
(without KYC):
Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC, BCH

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Phase Start date End date
Pre-sale December 20 2018 March 19 2019
Phase 1 March 20 2019 May 5 2019
Phase 2 May 6 2019 May 14 2019
Phase 3 May 15 2019 Jun 1 2019
Final phase Jun 2 2019 June 19 2019

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Phase Discount Token price
Pre-sale 25% $0.123
Phase 1 20% $0.131
Phase 2 10% $0.148
Phase 3 5% $0.156
Final phase 0% $0.164


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Q2/3 2018 Q3/4 2018
Research starts
Prototyping of MVP consensus
node and wallet (Sprout)
Consensus node and wallet
(Early release)
Private test-net launch
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Q1/2 2019 Q2/3 2019 Q3/4 2019
Publication of first whitepaper
working draft (Sapling)
Token Generation event
Public testnet launch
Programmable privacy
Security audit
Consensus node and wallet
(Stable release)
Main-net launch
Developer toolchain and documentation
Mobile wallet (Android/iOS)



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Christopher Moore
CEO & Founder
Anatolii Vedmid
Software Developer
Noah Vesely
Researcher & Engineer

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Dave Narby
Content Editor
Olga Fomina
Marketing Manager

Rating & Exchanges

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Contact & Social links

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Website Github Bounty Gitter Telegram Medium Facebook LinkedIn Reddit Twitter



Twitter: https://twitter.com/Glyff_io
Telegram https://t.me/glyffcommunity

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Glyff-353989662044849/

Medium: https://medium.com/@glyff_official
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MjpKXI3hSSw

Github: https://github.com/nvesely

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christomoore

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