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About EcoProfiPower
EcoProfipower project was created with the think of improving the process of crypto mining of currencies ,production of electricity from renewable sources and using our innovative technology to improve efficiency and quality.
Our project focuses on maximizing profits without adverse effects on the environment.

We believe in the future of DLT
BlockChain is a rapidly developing technology, which changes the current centralized system to decentralized. A decentralized system is safer, faster and cheaper, but requires energy and a network to maintain it.

We believe in clean enviroment

Our super-efficient photovoltaic cells cover the needs of our mine, making mining more profitable. In addition, we can sell our innovative technology, earn on it without harming the environment.
More profits.

Work on increasing profits is the main goal but our research not only allows you to create more efficient solutions, but also cheaper and has no negative impact on the environment.

Our team has developed many innovative technologies. Powerful photovoltaic cells with a 40% efficiency,
         quantum structures in photovoltaic conversion and work on perovskites allowing to convert almost anything
into a solar cell. We have products that we will present at the event.

          But the biggest novelty is the Thermoelectric generator (TEG), which not only allows you to recover up to 40%
          of the energy generated by computing computers in the mine, but also extend the battery life in mobile devices
          and even charge it with the heat of our body. It is possible to use it for the production of electricity wherever
it is warm in any form. More about our technology in whitepaper.


Token name:                        EcoProfiPower

Token symbol:                      EPP

Token standard:                   ERC20

Digits:                                18

Initial supply:                       30,000,000 EPP (Hard-Cap)

Price:                                  $1/EPP

Minimum purchase:                100 EPP

ICO/STO bonus:                    $5,000+ : 5%
                                          $10,000+ : 10%
                                          $100,000+ : 15%

Website: https://ecoprofipower.com/
Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13OT8zPrh61gmBsYz0YiNwQHQtrH1ljjg/view?ths=true

If you want to be part of this project and co-create it, you liked some aspect of it become its shareholder – join the group of investors.

Ten largest investors in this project, who will invest a minimum of $ 100,000, if they agree, after signing the relevant documents, they will be incorporated into our team and sit on the board of the company receiving additional remuneration and will have a direct impact on the project development.


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