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Trustworthy management: The challenge of media and brands

The lack of transparency, scale expenses and intermediary fees are issues that strongly impact the digital media sector and can cost billions of dollars to advertising companies.

In mainstream or offline media (television, magazines and newspapers, radio, billboards, among others), the advertising cost is typically calculated based on the estimated gross value of the audience (GRP, or gross rating points): number of spectators multiplied by the number of advertising placements made. But in digital or online media, which encompasses all internet features (websites, social networks, applications, among others), the metric is based on the number of views or visualizations per access CPM (cost per thousand).

In the offline model, the measurement of impacted consumers may not be precise; in the online model,  manipulating  interactions  are  made  with  digital  robots  (botnets),  which  have  algorithms  that  simulate  human  behavior  and  limit  the  measurement  of  visualizations  (program  ads)  and  of  interactions that have truly reached the audience of interest.

Circularity: Shared, Received, Purchased, Exchanged

Using  points  from  loyalty  programs  has  been  growing  significantly  in  recent  years.    Retail  is  an  interesting  trend,  which  has  been  conquering  a  space  previously  intended  for  airline  tickets.With positive numbers and increasing adherence from both participating brands and consumers, the fidelity metric is associated with the �buy and win� system: there must be a spending frequency associated with certain products and services so it becomes a profit. And despite compliance and the seriousness of the brands involved in the platforms, many of the contracts are still being adjusted due to a lack of transparency and information made available to users.

Innovative models that generate awards independent of spending are the leap into the future for loyalty programs.

This is an ecosystem where consumers share the content they consider relevant to brands and, in  exchange  for  their  loyalty  and  recommendation,  they  receive  utility  tokens  that  are  transferred  to  their  virtual  wallets  and  serve  as  a  discount  for  products  and  services.  The  technology  configured  to  analyze, validate and register every blockchain action ensures maximum security. A loyalty system with transparency and security, similar to the of win-win-win system.

The WiBOO Ecossystem
Revolution: retail has never seen anything like this

With the birth of social influence, now it is the public that has the power to create and spread the most valuable content available; cured, authentic and consensual.

The WiBOO ecosystem philosophy is based on three strategic triggers in the business world:

  • Visibility  and  digital  engagement:  are  the  best  cost-effective  network  to  exchange  shares for cryptocurrency;
  • Digital and economic inclusion: provides the possibility of receiving cryptocurrency to  develop  an  activity  that  does  not  require  specialization,  nor  a  pre-defined  benefiting audience;
  • Cryptocurrency  mining:  unlike  the  other  models,  this  allows  anyone  with  a  mobile  device who is available for digital engagement to social mine

WiBOO  supplies  proven  systems  and  secure  technology  to  provide  inclusive  access.  This  represents a double rupture:

  • In the current economic model, rewarding both data and content contributions;
  • The way brands and consumers interact, forever changing the way marketing, advertising, branding, and sales are valued by shares.

Currency Flowchart

Platform Features

Key Players in the WiBOO Platform

The  platform  operates  with  two  strategic  publics  called  BRANDS  and  CONSUMERS,  both  having  their own distinct involvements, among the many that are possible, in the new routines proposed by the ecosystem.

Using WiBX in the WiBOO Platform

The  essential  current  asset  is  the  Wibx  cryptocurrency,  which  is  highly  flexible  and  has  features that can serve as:

Project Roadmap

The four journeys
The advertising brands� journey

  • Register on the  wiboo business platform  for reaching clients registered on wiboo loyalty;
  • Wibx  purchase  through  the  wiboo  corporate  sales  channel  or  in  an  exchange  to  offer  to  clients  (money needs to be transferred to the wibx wallet) ;
  • Creation  of  promotional  actions  involving  products  and/  or  services  from  the  adverTising  brand  that  will  be  transformed  into  posts,  announcements,  sales  and  prepared  activations  to  be  shared  by  the  consumers,  distributing  the  wibx  purchase  value  in  the  form  of  utility  tokens  for  discounts  (defining the value of shares by stipulated limits and deadlines);
  • Possibility  of  real  time  dashboard  monitoring  that  is  exclusive  to  all  stages  of  the  sharing  and  engagement process with access to track consumer behavior (likes, clicks/shares, buys), mapping the promotion conversion rate.

Journey of retail brands

  • Register on wiboo business platform to create a space in wiboo shopping;
  • Creation  of  promotional  combos  for  the  marketplace,  defining  rules  and  calculating  the  best  strategies to leverage sales with the full support of the platform;
  • Wibx  receipts  from  consumers  for  the  promoted  actions  or  for  other  products  and  services  from  brands that accept wibx;
  • Wibx reinvestment into new promotional activities on the wiboo plaTform;
  • Real  time  dashboard  monitoring  that  is  exclusive  to  all  stages  of  the  sharing  and  engagement  process  with  access  to  consumer  behavior  tracking  (likes,  clicks/shares,  buys),  mapping  the  promotion conversion rate.

Journey of sharing consumers

  • Register on the wiboo loyalTy platform to access deals;
  • The opening of a virtual wallet to receive wibx;
  • During each promotional action that involves the sharing of posTs from adverTising brands, in the purchase  of  cryptocurrency  on  the  wiboo  platform  itself  or  in  the  purchase  of  cryptocurrency  in  exchanges (coins need to be transferred to the wibx wallet)
  • Promotional posT sharing for adverTising brands in exchange for wibx.;
  • Wallet  access  for  full  or  partial  payments  on  wiboo  shopping  or  convert  legal  tender/  other  cryptocurrencies during exchanges (as of 2019);
  • Control of wallet alerts about deals or wibx validity.

Journey of buying consumers

  • Registration on the wiboo loyalTy platform to make purchases on wiboo shopping;
  • The  opening  of  a  virtual  wallet  for  storing  wibx,  which  will  be  used  in  exchange  for  products  and  services on the wiboo platform itself or for other currencies/cryptocurrencies in exchanges (coins need to be transferred to the wibx wallet);
  • Wallet  access  to  exchange  for  products  and  services  on  wiboo  shopping  or  convert  currencies/other cryptocurrencies during exchanges (as of 2019);
  • Control of wallet alerts about deals or validity of cryptocurrencies acquired through sharing.
The Initial Coin Offering

Token Characteristics:

  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Type: ERC20 Utility Token
  • ICO Start Date: November 1st, 2018
  • ICO End Date: March 20th, 2019
  • Max Supply: 12,000,000,000 Wibx tokens
  • Max Cap: USD 50,000,000
  • Soft Cap: There's no soft cap


The sale has a decreasing bonus model, the initial price per token was set to 0.015 USD and will increase until reaching the maximum price of 0.034 USD.

To check current price please go to bonus schedule page

Token Distribution:

Allocation of raised funds:

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Github: https://github.com/wibxcoin/Contracts

Whitepaper: https://static.wibx.io/whitepaper_en.pdf

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