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Our Mission

A Green Burial costs about $5,000 today, and the cost is expected to increase in the future TransitionCoin offers a way to reserve an environmentally sensitive Green Burial today or anytime in the future for a fixed fee of $4,000, an immediate 20% savings that could grow much larger as the future cost of Green Burials increases. TransitionCoin is a digital token built on the Ethereum blockchain backed by a smart contract for a real service that is not expected to decline in value.


Although the funeral industry is little over 150 years old, it has since acquiesced to market demand for cremation with an average 50% cremation rate of Americans in the 21st century. Conventional cemeteries (and their current �green� plots) continue to bury major sources of pollutants, including landscaping sprays and drift, into the local land, air, and water. However, nearly 66% of adults 40 or older expressed interest in green burial options, up from just 43 percent five years earlier, according to a 2015 Funeral and Memorial Information Council survey.  

Every year, 22,500 cemeteries across the United States bury approximately:
              � 30 million board feet of non-biodegradable, preserved-wood caskets
              � 90,272 tons of steel caskets and 2,700 tons of copper and bronze caskets
              � 14,000 tons of steel vaults and 1,636,000 tons of reinforced concrete vaults
              � 827,060 US gallons of embalming fluid, which usually includes formaldehyde.

Cremation has a surprisingly negative impact on the environment. Although there are �filters� –temporary storage tanks–for toxins from crematories, large amounts of gases, particulate matter, and carcinogenic compounds escape into the air and water from the 2,204 crematories across the U.S.   Pollutants from crematories remain mostly unregulated, and include mercury leakage, dioxins, plastic or metal residues from implants, plastic from hospital body bags, silicone breast implants, plastic or metal limbs, pesticide residues in body tissues, and particulate matter from ash escaping the filters.  A study from the Cremation Association of North America has found that filtering crematorium fumes has little effect on the toxins released.  However, citizens in over 35 states have set up blocks and ordinances to prevent further building of crematories. Studies in the last two decades have shown a correlation between local crematorium's pollution and stillbirth, anencephaly, and increased air pollution containing toxic particulate matter.  Locales then show high percentages of asthma and other lung diseases.  

Green burial preserves and sanctuaries are dedicated parcels of land that are certified by the Green Burial Council of America from the strictest of their standards.  There is zero use of any pesticides or toxins, and residues in bodies are allowed to organically decompose. Nourishment is also provided to the soil, while planting of native trees help decrease carbon emissions.

The Green Burial movement is now 20 years old and is compatible with all religions, spiritual paths, and philosophies. All individuals, couples, and families who care for the earth and the peace it brings now have access to green burials. Memorials and traditional rites of passage are honored, while dignified care of the deceased, whether at home or in a sanctuary, is the highest priority.

Current purchase of TransitionCoin digital tokens and future investing in pure, certified green burial sanctuaries is a way for you to be part of the solution instead of the part of the problem.

Presale and sale

The TransitionCoin sale will begin in March at US$1 per coin. There will be a 10% discount for purchases of enough coins to cover two or more Green Burials – 8,000 TransitionCoins or more. The ICO will be open to all investors.

The presale begins in January. There is a substantial discount for presales. The presale is open to accredited investors in the USA and all non-US investors that legally can participate.

Register for notification of the presale and sale at https://transitiongreenburials.com.
For much more information on Green Burials, see our website at http://greenburialsanctuary.com.

Posted by Michael Murphy, CEO
[email protected]


Telegram https://t.me/joinchat/IUpmfRB7xspiSqV1kKoAEw

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