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ERC20 Proof of Liquidity

Already Over 2800+ Token Holders

Please note we've decided start a new ANN thread our old post can be found here

Value of Sparkle
Sparkle is a decentralized token created on the Ethereum network. Sparkle allows a peer to peer computing on a distributed application architecture that partitions tasks or workloads between peers. We understand that blockchain has a limited number of consumer-based products that the community can spend their assets on. There are a variety of reasons for this, but it is mainly merchants who suffer from the lack of underlying architecture to sell goods at a set rate. Sparkle?s prime utility connects the dots between non-monetary items (digital currencies) and automotive-related services (physical product). The value of sparkle lies in the delivery of a service, and its ability to remove market volatility from existing services offered. Sparkle KYC verification serves an important role in verifying the authentication of SPARKLE customers. SPARKLE token is not the only utility being offered, but the ultimate goal is to provide data security and safe access to sparkle resources.

Impact of Mobile Apps in Today's World
As a service provider, our development focus is creating technology that connects users with quality local automotive services. Sparkle leverages the best thing about today's mobile device; the simplicity provided by mobile applications. From ordering a meal to hiring a driver, we all have a list of applications at our fingertips that make life easier. We've eliminated time spent searching for a taxi by using services like Lyft which can conveniently take you to your destination, you can order groceries for the week and have them delivered right to your doorstep. It's hard to remember the time when apps were viewed as luxury items since mobile applications are now an indispensable tool for both vendors and customers. Mobile applications have become more powerful than ever, their rapid acceptance by consumers globally is used as a benchmark for businesses to ensure upcoming products and tools keep up with the needs of consumers.

Risks and Vulnerabilities of Merchants Accepting Virtual Currency
Popular digital assets such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) are too volatile to be used as everyday currency for businesses. The value of a bitcoin often experiences large fluctuations, rising or falling by as much as 5% in a single day. SPARKLE realizes the importance of removing the current volatility faced with Bitcoin, effectively allowing the business to receive tokens equivalent to USD based on the services offered.

Sparkle Token Utility:
Sparkle Token is an ERC-20 token built using the time-tested Ethereum blockchain. It has been created to be used as a method of transacting value peer-to-peer and to reward customer loyalty within the Sparkle ecosystem. Utilizing Sparkle?s Hybrid Cloud, Sparkle Token on the public network can transact at the speed of Ethereum's blockchain. (15?20 transactions per second)

SparkleGold Utility:
Sparkle Tokens can be exchanged at any time for SparkleGOLD, which is a stable cryptocurrency pegged to the US Dollar. Automotive Services will be able to use SparkleGOLD to avoid market volatility that other cryptocurrencies are susceptible to. (BTC, ETH, Sparkle Token, etc.) The conversion rate of Sparkle Token/SparkleGOLD will fluctuate with the market, but the market price of SparkleGOLD will stay pegged to $1 USD, using methods similar to other stable coins in the crypto market. (USDT/USDC/PAX, etc.) SparkleGOLD is backed by a monitored Canadian treasury held with TD Canada Trust which ensures the exact 1:1 ratio is honored when redeemed for in-app purchases or withdrawals. Utilizing Sparkle?s Hybrid Cloud, SparkleGOLD on a private network can mirror the transaction speed of Visa. (24,000 transactions per second)

Sparkle Selfdrop
Sparkle's self-drop contract can be paused and resumed, but also load/reload for later dates. In order to "claim tokens" you must first add our token contract address. Opposed to a set the max number of self-drop winners our contract was modified to give out the default self-drop reward to any added address to the list. When the tokens run out then the contract will not honor any self-drop rewards, but can still be run and tokens added to continue using the contract for other giveaways. Added functions to allow adding the address(es) with a different token reward than the standard 30 for those cases where some addresses we may want them to have more of an airdrop than the default amount of 30 SPRKL. Note Only addresses added to have the ability to claim tokens, in order to get your address added join our community and wait for the next contest or campaign.

Selfdrop Claim Tokens
 function claimTokens() 
Check if address Is Added To Selfdrop List
 function isAddressInAirdropList(address _addressToLookUp)

Sparkle Selfdrop ABI

Sparkle Token Emissions: Proof of Liquidity
Liquidity is arbitrarily defined by the measure of the extent to which a person or organization accepts the cash to meet immediate and short-term obligations or assets that can be directly converted. In order for banks to meet funding needs for their operations and banks must be able to repay their own debts. They must obtain enough cash on hand to meet withdrawal requests and fund new loans for customers. Commercial banks satisfy interest on deposits, for some bank accounts, this may be exceptionally unsatisfactory, but for some saving accounts, the interest rate can be significant.

In a period of inflation, the rate of interests on deposits is fundamentally important for maintaining the tangible value of your savings. For example, if inflation is 4% then keeping cash can reflect the value of savings decrease. However, if the financial institution is offering an interest rate of 6%, then the tangible value of your savings will increase. For some customers, interest payments on their bank savings can constitute a significant source of income. This account enables easy and quick access to assets, customers can withdraw at a moment?s notice. Some banks tend to yield terribly low-interest rates as they struggle to keep liquidity available to satisfy the demand of customer withdrawals.

Although Proof of Stake has identified many benefits increasing scalability, its equally come a with an exasperating amount of work just to set up a node and maintain its reward schedule. PoS requires users to regularly coin control multiple times a week, and sometimes daily. We can assume the coin age is also reset by this process affecting users annual return rate. The annual return rate is virtually impossible to achieve simply due to its nature. Since Sparkle is built on Ethereum we don't require users to contribute work in order to process transactions but instead, Proof of Liquidity rewards users based on the amount of SPRKL held every 24hrs. Our integrated solution provides exceptional benefits allowing users to control their reward cycle with ease. Users are not required to have their devices on 24/7 but rather check in at the appropriate time based on the schedule defined by the user. Contributors interests rates can be determined by the number of tokens held by a user at any point in time.

Advantages with PoL over PoS

Daily Rewards
Zero Network Weight Required to Participate! That's right, goodbye VPS hello monthly savings!
Coin Resets Every 24hrs
No Bootstrapping Required
No Coin Control Required
Scaled Rewards System
Timed Payouts

SPRKL Annaul Reward System

Percentage % Token Amount Token Symbol  
1% <10,000 SPRKL
5% >10,000 SPRKL
20% >25,000 SPRKL
50% >100,000 SPRKL
80% >250,000 SPRKL

Token Information

Sparkle Token Contract address: 0x4b7aD3a56810032782Afce12d7d27122bDb96efF
Sparkle Token ABI


Bonused Presale

Start Date & Time in UTC     End Date & Time in UTC     Min (Soft) Cap In ETH     Max (Hard) Cap In ETH     Min ETH To Invest
2019-01-10T12:00:00Z     2019-01-20T12:00:00Z     No Soft Cap Set     69935 ETH     1 ETH

Bonus Structure

AMOUNT       ETH             Bonus           SPRKL RATE + BONUS
0.5+ ETH 0% 200 SPRKL
1+ ETH 0% 400 SPRKL
5+ ETH 10% 2200 SPRKL
11+ ETH 15% 5060 SPRKL
21+ ETH 20% 10080 SPRKL

Bonused Mainsale

Start Date & Time in UTC     End Date & Time in UTC     Min (Soft) Cap In ETH     Max (Hard) Cap In ETH     Min ETH To Invest
2019-01-20T12:00:00Z     2019-02-10T12:00:00Z     No Soft Cap Set     69935 ETH     0.5 ETH

Bonus Structure

AMOUNT       ETH             Bonus           SPRKL RATE + BONUS
0.5+ ETH 0% 200 SPRKL
1+ ETH 0% 400 SPRKL
5+ ETH 5% 2100 SPRKL
11+ ETH 7% 4708 SPRKL
21+ ETH 10% 9240 SPRKL

Regular Mainsale

Start Date & Time in UTC     End Date & Time in UTC     Min (Soft) Cap In ETH     Max (Hard) Cap In ETH     Min ETH To Invest
2019-02-11T12:00:00Z     2019-02-28T12:00:00Z     No Soft Cap Set     69935 ETH     0.5 ETH

Main Sale Rates

AMOUNT       ETH             Bonus           SPRKL RATE + BONUS
0.5+ ETH 0% 200 SPRKL
1+ ETH 0% 400 SPRKL
5+ ETH 0% 2000 SPRKL
11+ ETH 0% 4400 SPRKL
21+ ETH 0% 8400 SPRKL

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