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The first hybrid news platform with geolocation in the world

Notm Project

The Notm platform is the news on the map.

Notm platform will, directly or indirectly, be functioning in advertisement, digital currency and mass media spheres after launching. A plan, created be us, is made for positive changes integration in every of these spheres.

Notm Ecosystem is a full closed system, including cooperation with all the members of the community. The base is the Notm platform, where all the users can publish, edit and confirm/cancel the news materials. Wherein it�s necessary to follow one condition, exactly to be at the place where the even happened. News materials will be ranked from the most popular and get out to bigger geolocation zones or stay where published.

Example: if news N was published in the district O, of city T, of country M, and if exceeding the rank factors at the city T, then the news is displayed in the materials of the country M. If exceeding nominal country factors, the news is displayed on the worldwide location and the language stays the same it was published in.

The Notm platform will have dual geolocation definition protection.

The main principles can be distinguished as:
 ♦ Neutral point of view
 ♦ Respect and politeness for colleagues and users
 ♦ Restrain and inadmissibility of threatens, aggression or insults
 ♦ Solving of controversial situations by the dialogue
 ♦ Community principles can be changed by the community itself if reaching consensus

Authority of all the news will be protected by the consensus of the community with saving of all the editorial versions. In this way we will reach the maximum objectivity of the news feed. Authors or co-authors of the news materials will be able to get Notm cryptocurrency rewards proportionally to they effort. The reward will be calculated automatically by the cooperation with a counter (views/clicks). Notm tokens which were got can be instantly converted in fiat cash through the Notm Exchange to the indicated bank account.

Published materials can instantly reach the users by the way of notifications. Herewith the users choose the news categories and the geolocation area they will get the notifications from by themselves.

Bank and Notm Exchange will be offering cryptocurrency and fiat loans for stock exchange trade with the leverage.
Advertisers will be able to buy Notm tokens and use them for ads publishing on the NOTM platform.

In this way Notm cryptocurrency will have a regular supply and demand. When scaling and going to the new countries� markets, Notm token will have a higherdemand, which can exceed the supply, that can cause growth of the token price.

The users will be able to choose the geolocation zone on the NOTM platform, they are interested to get the news from. Advertisement recommendations will also be selected according to the geolocation. It�s necessary, because so the recommendations will have a useful efficiency for the users and advertisers.

Notm ecosystem has a dynamic state and can be change with the passing of time.


Bounty/Reward information (more info to come shortly)
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Contact Us by Email [email protected]

Closed Sale: 10:00 am CET 03.01.19 – 11:59 PM CET 17.02.19 Price 1 Notm = 0,005 usd  (Buying from 1 million tokens)(contact: [email protected])
Pre-Sale (1 round): 10:00 am CET 18.02.19 – 11:59 PM CET 17.04.19 Price 1 Notm = 0,01 usd
Pre-Sale (2 round): 10:00 am CET 18.04.19 – 11:59 PM CET 17.06.19 Price 1 Notm = 0,015 usd
Main sale: 10:00 am CET 18.06.19 – 11:59 PM CET 27.12.19 Price 1 Notm = 0,025 usd

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NotmPlatform

Telegram https://t.me/Notmio

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NotmPlatform/
Whitepaper: https://notm.io/whitepaper-EN-min.pdf

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