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Legacy Wallet – Simple to use, Value For money,


. What is Legacy Wallet? .

The solution to an unaddressed current and future problem in the digital asset world.

More and more people have access to and are holding digital assets such as Bitcoin,
Ethereum, Litecoin and untold others. Yes, most people have heard of crypto now,
but it is still a few years away from truly mainstream adoption. The increase in users,
usability and monetary value of the assets is inevitable. The daily use of crypto-
currencies and the underlying different blockchain technologies are going to become
as pervasive and universal as smart phone use. As the smart phone/device arena
evolves, so will the ability to make �on the go� use of the different blockchains and
the cryptocurrencies that run on top of them. The futures of both technologies are
destined to be intrinsically linked.

Think about what you insure� yourself, your family, your car, your house, your phone,
your tv, and a whole host of other items. Crypto is here to stay and more and more
people will be using it for more and more purposes as mainstream adoption takes hold.
Until now there hasn�t been a way to guard against your crypto holdings being lost if
you become ill to a degree where you can�t function or if you die unexpectedly.

. ICO Tokens Details .


. Legacy Wallet App .

The LGCY Tokens bought will be used on the Legacy Wallet to pay for the
service offered, the user will see their Legacy balance and its percentage
equivalent against Bitcoin and Ethereum on the Legacy app.

When users login to the Legacy app they will be able to check their current
Cryptocurrency holdings. It will show them the values in which ever fiat
currency they choose and also in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The user friendly mobile app will utilise all the latest security features
available, with 2FA being a necessity. Users will also be able to unlock the
app on their device using the phones built in security measures, i.e.,
fingerprint and or face recognition. The app will be as simple to use as the
best Cryptocurrency app available.

The app will also display the information on the predetermined sends loaded
on the account. The different loaded sends will be highlighted by names,
not addresses. Users can buy LGCY through the app and use all of the
services mentioned previously. The app will also display crypto news feeds
like one of the best Cryptocurrency apps available. The app will be able to

display the users favourite crypto twitter feeds. Users can also buy LGCY through the app and use all of the services mentioned previously.
The app will also, if the user selects the option, alert the user via text or email that a transfer is due to, or has occurred. An off chain solution will be integrated to make this happen.

Legacy Wallet web panel users will be able to login to their account and edit any of their details:
Update personal details, add funds, send funds, add recipient, remove recipient, change dates of send, change amounts to send. They will also be able to view current crypto markets with the option to have their favourite social media accounts linked embedded to the Legacy Wallet website. It will be simple to use and secure.

. Funding Allocation .

. Roadmap .


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