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Synapsecoin is a collective financing system that uses Blockchain technology and Intelligent Contracts that guarantee transparency and security in each operation. This system allows financing innovative projects connecting them with investors interested in contributing to society, while generating an attractive profitability.
The SYNAPSECOIN team will advise the creators and investors to resolve all doubts and improve their projects. Providing users with the highest standards of quality and safety. The first thing that an entrepreneur must have is an idea of a project that will have a review process with platform specialists. We admit projects focused on the environment, technology, games and education, among others. It does not matter if it is a product or service, we are open to creativity in all its facets, but your idea must be objective and must provide value to society being an innovative project.

What does SYNAPSECOIN offer?

� The Synapsecoin platform offers project developers advice, support and fundraising tools in the initial stage of the project.
� The platform allows you to develop two types of fundraising campaigns: Crowdfunding and Crowdinvesting.
� It will use SYP as an exchange currency within the Synapsecoin platform.


1. PREICO: The Synapsecoin platform offers the project creator advice,
accompaniment and fundraising tools in the initial stage of the project.
(Advice to perform Whitepaper, website, marketing, legal area, etc.)

2. ICO: Synapsecoin will create the smart contract of the projects, establishing previously conditions between the creator and the platform.
The collection amounts for these projects they must exceed USD 30,000.

3. Crowdinvesting: Or projects for profitability (ROI), within this type of financing,
We have the following characteristics:
When the amount exceeds USD 30,000 it will be required to create a token and make a
ICO campaign for the collection, in this stage the investors receive not only
promises but also a token that will support your investment, all the time of a company's life.
The tokens created for each project represent the total value of the company, they will be stocks and investors will become partners in the projects where they invest.

4. Crowdfunding
: Projects by capitalization, within this type of financing we have the following characteristics:

It is a collective financing system where the investor receives a bonus for investing in a project of interest.
The SYNAPSECOIN platform will provide the advance of the SYPCOIN bonus if the project successfully completes the collection stage, with the purpose that investors can use it from different investment options such as trading in Criptowasi. The creators of the project are the ones who establish the return time of the investment, which must be from 3 to 12 months, counting from the start of the execution of the project. Financial benefits Unlike other platforms that charge a commission of 5-10% for the placement, without mentioning another 5% granted to the payment system and 10-30% paid by the creators as fiduciary taxes and bank taxes, the funds of SYP are transferred to the creators of campaigns practically in your account, the whole in the form of cryptocurrency.

The SYNAPSECOIN platform charges 4% of the total project revenue in SYP for Crowdinvesting and Crowdfounding campaigns. This fee is taken when the project has successfully completed the fundraising. In the case of campaigns that coin new tokens for investors. To be part of the project and achieve a common goal, we need to be connected, so the business creator will give Synapsecoin 2% of the created tokens, so that the financed companies have support from the Synapsecoin platforms. Therefore, many creators of Crowdfunding campaigns launched in Synapsecoin will pay only 4% fees in SYPCOIN (SYP) compared to a minimum of 15% -40% if they are launched on traditional first generation crowdfunding platforms.

Operation of the Synapsecoin system

Visit our website or social networks, we will provide you more information:


Telegram https://t.me/SynapsecoinICO

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