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Current Landscape

Since its inception in 2009, the cryptocurrency market has seen extraordinary growth. In just eight short years, the market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies and tokens has risen to almost $800 billion at its peak, easily dwarfing almost every corporation in the S&P 500 and the GDP of many countries.

But, despite this success, its usage and daily trade volume is almost negligible compared to the amount of USD exchanged each day. Today, there is a huge push to be the next big thing in the crypto-industry. Every day, hundreds of crypto-projects enter the market attempting to build a better mousetrap than the last. A better, faster, safer or �more decentralized� cryptocurrency that will replace fiat. And yet, many of these have come and gone, and all but a few of the ones still actively developed have since faded into obscurity – Why?

The truth is, at least for now, banks, corporations, governments and most mainstream businesses don't care how fast or private a cryptocurrency is. The focus on most minds is convenience, profitability, customer retention and risk management. As it stands crypto will never be adopted fully, until the speculative aspect is massively reduced, and the volatility is somewhat stable. Few merchants have enough faith in the long-term potential of cryptocurrency to risk the potential losses that could result from a bear market.

Problems with Cryptocurrencies

The mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency is predicated on the replacement of fiat by corporations and individuals in the day to day transactions. For most crypto users, it is difficult to understand why cryptocurrency hasn't already overtaken traditional currencies, after all cryptocurrencies feature:
– Better control over your finances
– Faster, cheaper transactions
– Decentralized storage and other features

And yet, despite the numerous, arguably dramatic benefits cryptocurrency offers over fiat, we still lack mainstream adoption. In fact, according to a Bloomberg report, just three out of the top 500 online retailers are willing to accept Bitcoin in exchange for their goods or services, and it's not difficult to see why.

Retailers simply don't want to accept a currency that can lose as much as 25% of its value in a single day. And so, if we look at the rest of the list of cryptocurrency features, we also it is:
– Too complicated for most people
– Volatile
– Poorly perceived by corporations, merchants and consumers

Fiat is believed by the masses to be more stable, more secure, and easier to use. Thus, fiat is perceived to be more valuable. When it comes to adoption, usage and volume, perception matters most. The only way to demonstrate the value of crypto is by helping users experience its benefits first hand.

Our Solution

Hellenic Coin through the sector of tourism is solving two main problems that all cryptocurrencies are facing
Usability of a coin
All cryptocurrencies are facing the obstacle of usability in the real economy and want to be accepted as means of payment for goods and services.
For now, they are only traded on speculation and their volatility is very high. Almost all of them are following the same trend because they are alike.
A crypto coin is successful if it manages to be adopted by many merchants as a mean of payment and get used by more and more consumers.
Hellenic Coin is accepted by many Greek hotels and merchants in the tourism sector, thus entering the real world and having the same value to investors as fiat money.

Perpetual demand
By entering the tourism sector, Hellenic Coin solves the issue of demand that cryptocurrencies face, that is because all the other coins are being traded on speculative reasons as mentioned above, but HNC due to its usefulness to the real economy, HNC will have perpetual demand all the time, day by day, year by year and so on, a problem that no other coin has solved.

Initial Coin Allocation

HNC Case Study

In the year 2017, more than 30,000,000 tourists came to Greece and the predictions 2018 are more than optimistic.
Our target is to attract and convince only the 1% of tourists (which are 300,000 people) within the next couple of years, to use Hellenic Coin for their transactions in hotels, renting a car and many more, by taking advantage of the special offers (discounts or free days) provided by the affiliates of Hellenic Coin.

This means that, assuming these 300,000 tourists are couples, we have 150,000 couples booking their rooms with HNC. That's 150,000 rooms, with average only 3 nights booking for each room, which makes us 450,000 rooms with a cost of minimum 20 � /room; we have a total of 9,000,000 � that must be paid with HNC.

This means that 9,000,000 � have to be invested in  HNC!!
Please note that our estimations are based on a pessimistic scenario, only 1% of tourists to use HNC, only 3 nights booking for each room and only 20 � cost per night.
Investors have two options, one is to buy HNC and pay directly for the room getting a discount on the price or buy HNC before their vacations, on winter, get advantage of a possible raise in the price of the HNC and pay the room when the time comes for their trip with less HNC since the price of HNC has gone up.

HNC Latest Updates

Hellenic Coin has recently undergone a scheduled fork resulting in the following events:

  • Hard fork which resulted in a new X11 Algorithim based chain, with a total supply of 69.500.000 coins
  • HNC Masternode available by contributing at least 100,000 HNC, with 1%
    network rewards
  • HNC is being traded on Cryptoplanex.com and other exchanges.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoinHnc

Telegram https://t.me/Hellenic_Coin

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HNC-Hellenic-Coin-425075071570605/

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/Hellenic_Coin

Medium: https://medium.com/@helleniccoin

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/hnc-hellenic-coin/about/

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