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A state of the art platform with strong community support.
Reinventing anonymous cryptocurrency by combining the best features of leading CryptoNote coins into a new blockchain.
Upcoming Hard Fork!
The ETNXC/ETNXP Hard Fork is currently being VOTED on.
Reinventing anonymous cryptocurrency by combining the best features of leading CryptoNote coins into a new blockchain.

How to participate?
We would be happy to have you join the community.
Join us on Discord! 📌 https://discord.gg/EAUCXUS 💥

Electronero Classic genesis block will start with the coinbase of Electronero Pulse on block 650,001

This means that every Electroneum, and Electronero Pulse as well as Electronero Classic exist on the ETNXC chain in 1:1

However the only ETN participants who have claim to Electronero Classic from Electroneum must have had ETNX by block 307,000 (finalized in April/May of 2018).

ETNX holders from before block 500,000 have Electronero Pulse in form of 1:1 from before block 500,000.

This means if you still haven't claimed your Electronero Pulse, from ETN or ETNX… You will also have Electronero Classic outputs to claim as well!

Electronero Pulse holders at the time of block 660,000 (expected arrival March 05, 2019) may claim 1:1 Electronero Classic by depositng Electronero Pulse to ETNXP mobile wallet or participating exchanges and owning the coins until after the hard fork is completed.


Electronero core held a world-wide caucus over the last few weeks, the outcome being that a decision must be made to continue to grow our network and present healthy coins to the community.

Electronero Pulse needs lower network fees to grow transactions per second, and increase usage. Reduction on block rewards has also been planned.

Electronero $ETNX is experiencing healthy volume in $BTC markets, while Electronero Pulse $ETNXP is also actively trading in $LTC markets. The upcoming hard fork of Electronero Pulse will result in a 1:1 AIRDROP of Electronero Classic $ETNXC, expected arrival of announcement is block 650,000.

Electronero Classic will be utilized in smart contracts, whereas Electronero Pulse will be made available in gaming / game contracts.

The expected arrival date of ANN is block 650,000 for Electronero Classic $ETNXC is March 01, 2019.

Electronero Core team has been looking for ways to improve everyday since our launch. We�ve realized that there are just some inherited issues from the parent fork that need to be dealt with head on. The supply is the first issue brought up. So, we�re drastically reducing the supply on ETNXC, and as a result of a chain split during an upcoming hard fork a new coin ETNXCP Electronero Classic will be formed�

We as Electronero Classic are a hard fork of Electronero Pulse, as well as Electronero and Electroneum, ETN is our shared genesis, but we hold no ties to the ETN development or any of the founders and we object to most of their decisions. And so Electronero Core team a unique operation, we have built a segregated alternative and have operated with many complex implementations such as flexibility of ring signatures, Cryptonight Fast algorithm, camel emissions distribution, many attack mitigation tactics, mobile interactivity, most of all user support to a growing world wide community.

Both ETNXC Electronero Classicand ETNXCP Electronero ClassicPulse have support from participating exchanges, the community, and the core development team. Solid plans have been put in motion for both.

�We are aiming to have new mobile and web interface with updated road maps out by the end of the month in August. While the snapshot will take place on block 500,001 estimated to arrive on October 30th, 2018� � Mark Evans (lead blockchain architect)

How To Participate?
Have ETNXC on participating exchanges or in the Electronero Pulse mobile app entitles user to 1.00 ETNXC for each 1.00 ETNXCP after the hard fork.

Hard Fork Ratio :
Electronero Classic $ETNXC will be automatically distributed via Electronero Passport protocol to holders of Electronero Pulse $ETNXP after the upcoming hard fork which is to be announced on block 650,001. In order to Claim Electronero Classic $ETNXC from the upcoming hard fork of Electronero Pulse $ETNXP, in form of 1:1 AIRDROP holders of $ETNXP may deposit $ETNXP to the Electronero Pulse mobile wallet and hold $ETNXP until after hard fork block which will be announced on or about block 650,001 in order to have claim to 1:1 outputs of $ETNXC. Electronero Pulse mobile application is now available on Google Play for Android and App Store Connect for iOS. Participating exchanges are yet to be announced. Subscribe to Electronero Pulse official news channel for the latest up to date intel regarding Electronero Pulse project.

Electronero Classic ETNXC?
Max Supply: 500,000,000,000.00 $ETNXC
Block Reward: 20,000.00 $ETNXC
Target: 60 seconds


Remember to be safe and come ask us anything you like on Telegram. ETNXC is a Hard Fork of Electroneum and ETNXC is a CryptoNote based on XMR Lithium Luna v0.12.2 with many improvements from inspiration from Sumokoin and the ideas and concerns raised about by the community.

Contact lead technical advisor and ETNXC blockchain developer Mark Evans to become a part of the team.

Interchained on Discord and Telegram.
Mark is a certified full stack web developer and niche marketer. Mark has launched many brands in the past and will use his experience to act as a catalyst for this project.
" We are cooperating with exchange partners to expand into international markets "

Find Mark on Telegram or Discord: @Interchained

Electronero Classic (ETNXC)

Electronero Classic is  a  fork  from  Electronero Pulse, Electronero, and Electroneum  (ETN)  made  by  the  community,  for  the  community beginning building from Monero source v0.12.2 Lithium Luna, one of the most respectable cryptocurrency well-known for security, privacy, untraceability and active development. Starting as an educational project, we found that it would be great to create a new coin with high level of privacy by (1) moving forward right away to Ring Confidential Transactions (RingCT), (2) setting minimum transaction mixins to 12 that would make it high resistance to blockchain analysis attacks..  We found that some of the features of Sumokoin were also interesting to us such as the "bitcoin-like" Camel emission, rather than a traditional Elliptical emission curve. So we implemented that. We also adapted the LWMA as we were advised by mathematician and blockchain theorist Zawy has researched this new difficulty algorithm extensively. Public Testnet launch is debuted at block height 280,000. The hard fork  will occur at block height  307,000  and  all  owners  of  Electroneum  will  be  de  facto  owners  of  Electronero.  The  codebase  for  this  project  is  the  Monero Lithium Luna v0.12.2+ release  core  code  to  which  a  lot  of  modifications  are  being  made  in  order  to  provide  a  better,  more  reliable  platform  to  current, past Electroneum and future Electronero Classic users. Cryptocurrencies  have  attracted  substantial  attention  over  the  past  few  years  bringing  millions  of  new  users  into  the  market  dramatically  increasing  demand,  market  value,  and  daily  activity.  With  such  an  increased  demand  comes  a  big  responsibility  on  cryptocurrency  developers  to  ensure  they  are  delivering  the  most  stable  platform  to  their  users  allowing  them  complete  freedom  of  access  to  their  funds.  Read the whitepaper  where some community members have  detailed  the  basis  for  our  fork,  the  ethical  standards  that  are  to  be  upheld  in  the  fork�s  environment  as  well  as  technical  details,  our  roadmap  and  plans  for  the  future  of  Electronero network.


The  idea  of  creating  a  fork  from  Electroneum  emerged  from  the  ETN  community  as  there  have  been  growing  concerns  of  the  lack  of  support  from  the  developers,  issues  regarding  deposits  and  transfers,  the  flooding  of  new  CryptoNight  ASIC  miners  on  the  market.  The  growing  cryptocurrency  market  and  the  millions  of  users  therefore  requires  a  lot  more  technical  support  than  currently  provided  which  explains  the  basis  for  this  project;  providing  a  state  of  the  art  platform  for  ETN  users  by  creating  a  fork  that  would  truly  answer  the  needs  of  the  community.

Read the White Paper

�Untraceability:  for  each  incoming  transaction  all  possible  senders  are  equiprobable.
�Unlinkability:  for  any  two  outgoing  transactions  it  is  impossible  to  prove  they  were  sent  to  the  same  person.  

ABOUT  Electronero Classic

We as Electronero Classic are a hard fork of Electronero Pulse, Electronero and Electroneum, ETN is our shared genesis, but we hold no ties to the ETN development or any of the founders and we object to most of their decisions. And so Electronero ClassicCore team a unique operation, we have built a segregated alternative and have operated with many complex implementations such as flexibility of ring signatures, Cryptonight Fast algorithm, camel emissions distribution, many attack mitigation tactics, mobile interactivity, most of all user support to a growing world wide community.

Supply & Emission

Total supply: 1,000,000,000,000.00 maximum supply.

Coin symbol:

Coin units:


Hash algorithm: CryptoNight Fast (CN_FAST, CN/MSR, cn_variant 4)

Block time: 60 seconds

Emission scheme:
Electronero's block reward changes every 3-months following a "Camel" distribution which is often slow at first, accelerated in the next few years before declined and depleted).


Secure and private
Designed for mass adoption
Professional Network
No more expensive fees

With Electronero Classic you can manage your ETNXC anywhere.
Anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can receive ETNXC and mine using ETNXC mobile miner experience.

The ETNXC mobile wallet & mobile miner experience will come first for Android and iOS in the near future.

With ETNXC miners can count on the block reward.


Electronero Classic is one of a few rare cryptocurrencies with true fungibility – the feature makes digital currency act like physical cash i.e. no other people can find where the money comes from and how many have been transferred.


Electronero Classic is created with high level of privacy in mind, setting Ring Confidential Transactions (RingCT) with minimum ringsize of 12(+1) to conceal sources/amounts transferred and make it high resistance to blockchain-analysis attacks

Electronero Classicutilizes the power of a distributed peer-to-peer consensus network, every transaction is cryptographically secured. Individual accounts have a 26 word mnemonic seed displayed when created, which can be written down to back up the account and account files are encrypted with a passphrase to ensure they are worthless if stolen.

Additional Specifications

[1] CPU + GPU mining (about 1:1 performance for now). Memory-bound by design using AES encryption and several SHA-3 candidates.
[2] Initial number of atomic units is M = 264 – 1. However, once the block reward reaches 0.3 ETNXC per minute (sometime in 2030) that is treated as the minimum subsidy, which means that Electronero's total emission will forever increase by ~157680 ETNXC annually.
[3] Uses a recurrence relation. Block reward = (M – A) * 2-20 * 10-12, where A = current circulation.

For a longer FAQ, check Community FAQ

Electronero Classicis Based on CryptoNote Technology
What is CryptoNote?
CryptoNote is the technology that allows creation of privacy-centric cryptocurrencies. You can visit their website at cryptonote.org. The level of anonymity provided by CryptoNote isn't possible with Bitcoin code base by design. Bytecoin (BCN) was the CryptoNote reference implementation, and Monero (XMR) based their sources on BCN. Electronero Classic(ETNXC) is based on XMR's code.

Two of the main features of CryptoNote are ring signatures that mask sender identities by mixing and one-time keys that make transactions unlinkable. Their combined effect gives a high degree of anonymity without any extra effort on the part of the user.

Unlike Bitcoin, your funds are not held in the address you give out to others. Instead, every time you receive a payment it goes to an unlinkable address generated with random numbers. When you decide to spend the funds in that one-time address, the amount will be broken down and the components will be indistinguishable from identical outputs in the blockchain.

For example if 556.44 ETNXC are sent, the protocol will break it down into 500 + 50 + 6 + 0.4 + 0.04 and a ring signature will be performed with other 500's, 50's, 6's, 0.4's, and 0.04's in the blockchain. Unlike the "CoinJoin" mixing method, CryptoNote mixes outputs not transactions. This means no other senders need to be participating with you at the same time or with the same amounts. Any arbitrary amount sent at any time can always be rendered fundamentally indistinguishable (a mathematical proof is given in the white paper).

The degree of anonymity is also a choice rather than decided by the protocol: do you want to be hidden as one among five or one among fifty? The size of the signature grows linearly as O(n+1) with the ambiguity so greater anonymity is paid for with higher fees to miners.

Ring signatures are explained below. Reproduced from CryptoNote:

A normal signature looks like this. There's only one participant, which allows one-to-one mapping.

A ring signature obscures identities because it only proves that a signer belongs to a group.

This allows a high level of anonymity in cryptocurrency transactions. You can think of it as decentralized and trustless mixing.

How does this compare to other anonymous solutions?
Ring signatures originate from the work of Rivest et al. in 2001 and the implementation in CryptoNote relies in particular on Fujisaki and Suzuki's work on traceable ring signatures. There are two other anonymity implementations currently available or in development. One is ZeroCoin/ZeroCash's use of zero-knowledge proofs. The others are based on gmaxwell's CoinJoin idea (such as mixing services for Bitcoin or the altcoin Darkcoin).

1. Comparison with ZeroCoin and ZKP-based approaches:
You can read about ZeroCoin and zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP) here. The ZK environment allows an anonymity set that includes everyone in the network because the validity of an output can be proven without knowing the corresponding public key until it is spent. The largest risk is that this is recent research-level cryptography that hasn't been subjected to years of cryptanalysis, so exploits may emerge down the road. Ring signatures are much simpler and more mature, with many peer-reviewed papers published over more than a decade.

Other issues with ZKP include the RSA private key used to initiate the accumulator, which must be trusted to be destroyed by the generating
party. It also obscures the entire economy, not just sender/receiver identities. If the ZK system is compromised, then an attacker can continuously spend coins that don't exist using false proofs. This damage is hidden from everybody due to total blinding and consequently at any given time it's not possible to know if the network has already been compromised. There is a tradeoff between these inherent risks and the maximal anonymity set provided by ZKP. CryptoNote aims for a different balance through the dual layers of privacy provided by one-time keys and ring signatures.

2. Comparison with CoinJoin-based approaches:
XMR is more qualitatively similar to mixing implementations like CoinJoin. The differences arise in the departure from the Bitcoin protocol, which allows ETNXC to use new cryptography to provide decentralized and trustless mixing of superior quality. The critical problem with mixing services is the need to trust the operators. As an example, blockchain.info's mixer gives the following disclaimer: "However if the server was compromised or under subpoena it could be force to keep logs. If this were to happen although you haven't gained any privacy you haven't lost any either."

The CoinJoin-inspired Darkcoin performs mixing with selected "masternodes" since it still uses ordinary signatures that can be mapped one-to-one. The motivation is that a randomly selected node is less likely than a single service to exhibit bad faith (such as keeping logs) . In practice, a few VPS companies host the vast majority of nodes and this approach relies on the integrity and good behavior of these nodes. ETNXC's more fundamental cryptographic approach doesn't have these vulnerabilities and the quality of anonymity is much higher.

ETNXCC's ring signatures are also far more secure and convenient than CoinJoin because they mix outputs not transactions. This means a transaction doesn't involve waiting around for other senders to mix with. Nor is a user restricted to mixing only if others are sending the same amount. Arbitrary amounts can be sent at any time without anyone else's participation. This feature makes a timing analysis of the blockchain useless.

Overview of a transaction
Bob decides to spend an output, which was sent to the one-time public key. He needs Extra (1), TxOutNumber (2), and his Account private key (3) to recover his one-time private key (4).

When sending a transaction to Carol, Bob generates its Extra value by random (5). He uses Extra (6), TxOutNumber (7) and Carol's Account public key (Cool to get her Output public key (9).

In the input Bob hides the link to his output among the foreign keys (10). To prevent double-spending he also packs the Key image, derived from his One-time private key (11).

Finally, Bob signs the transaction, using his One-time private key (12), all the public keys (13) and Key Image (14). He appends the resulting Ring Signature to the end of the transaction (15).

Telegram https://t.me/electronero

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9qUhQhCTpQ

Discord: https://discord.gg/EAUCXUS

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