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GJ.COM is a global cryptocurrency trading platform established in 2018, by investment from Bitrise Capital, Gravity Block Fund, ChainFunder and Deepchain Finance.

GJ has its own unique understanding and technology advantages in platform framework, risk management, operation and maintenance system.
GJ adheres to the principle of �Customer First, Community Co-governance� and is committed to developing together with the practitioners, investors and believers in the blockchain space.
GJ platform insists in operation transparency, community organization and ecological sustainability, which provides users and project parties with a ecological circle of long-term mutual benefit.

Our Features
The most advanced cryptocurrency trading platform


Multi-layer Audit, Multi-layer Protection, financial level security

Community Governance

An autonomous community shared by all Token holders

Leading Technology
Security-level technology, High performance matching system,Standardizing financial communications protocols,Optimal trading environment

Large Reserves

Large Risk-reserve,to maximize protection of users' interests
Investment institution
Integrating famous investment institutions at home and abroad

Bitrise Capital | FX Capital | Principle Capital | Waterdrop Capital | Gravity Block Fund

ChainFunder | Horman Capital | Hash Capital | Hello Capital | CryptoNord

And we�re looking for collaboration with developing and promising blockchain projects.

3 Options To List Your Tokens
1. Deposit and poll

GJ.com will open deposit channel, trading will be open immediately when deposit users number reaches 50 and accumulated deposit volume reaches 100,000 CNY.
(This option requires the project side to deposit fund equivalent to 8,000 USDT. Once successfully listed, all fund will be returned.)
*For ERC20 token only

2. Join airdrop campaign
This option can maximize circulating supply, and has a certain stimulating effect on the rise in the price of the cryptocurrency.

3. Other options to list your tokens
GJ.com accepts any reasonable suggestions from our users and project sides, feel free to contact as long as you have constructive idea on the development of the project, our users and platform.

Please feel free to leave a message if you have any question about GJ.COM, thank you Wink

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GJ_Exchange

Telegram https://t.me/yourtradingcommunity

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gjexchangeofficial/?modal=admin_todo_tour

Medium: https://medium.com/@GJ.COM

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