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Rogue: Exploring The Dungeons of Doom
The classic ASCII game is now running on blockchain with characters that are saved as Non-Fungible Tokens

The team at Komodo has put together a wonderful new use of its Crypto-Conditions smart contracts. They have taken the original Unix version of Rogue and connected it with blockchain technology to create several new features that breathe new life into this gaming legacy. This project was also created to showcase the technological advantages available by creating blockchain projects on the Komodo Platform.
I will update this ANN on a weekly basis. There is a lot of ground to cover but it is important to us that we now bring the bitcointalk community up to speed on our project!

PLEASE NOTE: This game is still under heavy development!

Current New Features:

  • Multiplayer – Compete head to head with X number of players and win the sum of all buy-ins
  • Verifiable Game Play – Keystrokes are recorded and every game can be replayed for viewing
  • Tokenized Character Assets – You can exit the game to save your character as a Non-Fungible Token w/stats and items
  • Get Paid to Play – Convert in-game gold to real crypto-currency, ROGUE on exit or completion. (Death in game = 0 ROGUE)
  • Multiple Interfaces – Different interfaces can be created to inter
  • RogueDex – buy/sell/trade your NFTs !!! (This is a FIRST, please see the article "Enter the World of, Crypto Rouge" for more info!)

How to Play:
For Linux and OSX: Please refer to this guide https://github.com/KomodoPlatform/komodo/wiki/Get-Started-with-Rogue-Game
For Windows: https://github.com/tonymorony/komodo_cryptoconditions_tui/releases/tag/windows_bundle_0.1
– Windows ROGUE bundle – daemon, rogue and TUI included To use – just download, unzip. Start komodod.exe in one window with ROGUE assetchain params and valid pubkey and after blockchain is synced execute rogue_tui.exe


  • Ticker: ROGUE
  • Algorithm: Equihash
  • PoW Block Reward: 1 ROGUE
  • Blocktime: 60 Seconds
  • Total Supply: Infinite
  • Current Supply: Total 1230188 ROGUE | Locked 1202937 | Comunity Owned 1202937 | Feb 22nd 2019  
  • Conversion rate of in game gold to ROGUE: Single Player – 1 GOLD to 0.0005 ROGUE | Multi-Player 1 GOLD to 0.001 | Win Game 0.01
  • Premine: 1,000,000 ROGUE to fill Crypto-Conditions Smart Contract for GOLD to ROGUE conversion
  • Game Contract Funding: 10% of total ROGUE transactions create an equal amount of ROGUE that fills the contract
  • DPoW: Not YET implemented
  • WARNING: This is still considered a test chain. however, barring catastrophic problem or abuse, it will become the official mainchain

Explorer: http://rogue.explorer.dexstats.info/

Social Media http://rogue.explorer.dexstats.info/
Medium https://medium.com/rogue-chain
Discord – #rogue https://discord.gg/ZeefPMD
…more to come this week

Enter the World of Crypto Rouge – Story on the creation of this project! https://medium.com/rogue-chain/enter-the-world-of-crypto-rogue-dd53a6782b56
The first big article: https://blog.komodoplatform.com/all-the-reasons-to-be-excited-about-komodos-roguelander-the-first-blockchain-based-rogue-game-cbb5b5320606

Medium: https://medium.com/rogue-chain

Github: https://github.com/KomodoPlatform/komodo/wiki/Get-Started-with-Rogue-Game

Discord: https://discord.gg/ZeefPMD

Created by Neekel

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