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Site: https://c-patex.com
CoinGecko page: https://www.coingecko.com/en/exchanges/c_patex

C-Patex is a cryptocurrency exchange of Cripto Patagonia SA, from Argentina
Cripto Patagonia Society Resolution: https://c-patex.com/CriptoPatagoniaSA.jpg

Based on Peatio project developed by Daniel Lv (Shandong, China), which has limited capabilities, was modified and improved by MAGsistemas team (Patagonia, Argentina).
Deposits, withdraws and transactions daemons were designed and developed from scratch by our team, and runing offsite for security reasons. No wallet is located in the cloud, all wallets are distributed in our own three datacenters on Argentina.


– To provide a safe environment for users to trade a great variety crypto-currencies
– – Help to promote new altcoins (post ICO), and give a new opportunity to old ones.
– To bring a responsive and helpful customer support when a user encounters an issue or has a question.
– – To offer a good investment opportunity via PATS (C-Patex IEO), which can be traded on the exchange, and allows his holders to receive a monthly bonus.


– SSL secure server located in Europe with excellent connectivity.
– – E-mail confirmations and activations.
– English, chinese, spanish, and russian language available, more languages coming soon.
– – Google and SMS two factor authentication.
– Easy to use support tickets system on site.

Coins Listed in alphabetical order:

AEM – Atheneum
BAT – Basic Atention Token
BBTC – Blake Bitcoin
BCH – Bitcoin Cash
BLC – Blake Coin
BNB – Binance Coin
BTC – Bitcoin
BTG – Bitcoin gold
BXK – Bitbook Gambling
CELC – CelCoin
CHTC – CryptoHashTank Coin
COLX – Colossus Coin
COMP – Compound Coin
DASH – Dash Coin
DEM – Deutshe eMark
DGB – DigiByte
DOGE – Doge
DVRS – Diverse
ELT – Electron Coin
EMB – EmberCoin
ETH – Ethereum
GIVE – Gives Coin
GRS – Groestlcoin
HASH – Hash Coin
IFLT – Inflation Coin
INN – Innova Coin
LIT – Lithium
LTC – Litecoin
MKR – Maker
NMC – NameCoin
OHMC – Ohm Coin
OMG – OmiseGo
PATS – PatexShares
PAX – Paxos Standard
PCN – Peepcoin
PHO – Photon
PLUS1 – PlusOneCoin
POP – Popular Coin
RDD – Reddcoin
RUP – Rupee Coin
SC – SiaCoin
UMO – Universal Molecule
USDT – USD Tether
WAVES – Waves Platform
XNG – Enigma Coin
XSC – Hyperspace
XSR – Sucre Coin
ZEC – Zcash
ZRX – 0x

We opened a voting site open for all active members of the exchange, so our users can participate and choose what new coins/tokens to list on the exchange. https://c-patex.com/voting-en.php

About PATS (C-Patex IEO)

PATS are an excellent investment opportunity.
We have issued a limited quantity of shares (PATS). Those shares represent a 40% of C-Patex business.

Begining on 1st of December 2017, 40% of all fee collected from the site, or a minimum stated, will be paid monthly to shareholders as a bonus. (The last day of each month, at 24 hs GMT, we retrieve the amount of PATS that each user have in account balance and external wallets).

Bonus payment will be credited in BTC account. Revenues of altcoins will be converted to BTC based on the average market price.

Everyone can buy and sell PATS on the exchange and the market price could fluctuate. As this site grows, earnings by trading fees will grow too and dividends will be bigger each month. As a consecuence, the PATS price will rise accordingly.

Reports of each bonus payment, and more info about PATS on: https://c-patex.com/pats-en.html

FAQs: https://c-patex.com/faq-en.html

Thank you all in advance! Maybe the site is not perfect yet, but we will work hard to make perfect!

Telegram: https://t.me/cpatex
Twitter: https://twitter.com/C_PATEX
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cpatex/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/C_PATEX

Telegram https://t.me/cpatex

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cpatex/

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