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Meme Awards 2018

A fan-made crypto collectible inspired by the great meme lord PewDiePie himself!

WebsiteArticlePewDiePie's Video

Be a part of history and claim yourself a limited edition meme crypto collectible ERC721 trading card!

How it works

A new token is born (minted) every time someone claims a free token airdrop.

One address can claim only once from the smart contract.

Receiver pays for the Gas themselves

Keep an eye on EthGasStation for low Gas prices!!

The total supply for each token will be revealed after 30 days when the contract stops minting new tokens.

After this the total supply will become final.

After 30 days nobody can claim any more tokens!

Since they are ERC721 ownable and tradable tokens, you are free to buy, sell and trade them on decentralized marketplaces etc.

I would keep them though. Because…

It's cool to have epic memes in your crypto wallet!

Consider this a late new year's present from a developer who is learning how to develop smart contracts and DApps  Tongue

Airdrop requirements

Must have an active subscription to PewDiePie's channel!

Claim token button will not show up until you have confirmed your subscription. If you're not subscribed yet, go ahead and do it now here:


You must also be using either MetaMask or another Web3 ready browser like Opera's new Android browser.

You must allow the DApp's connection request

Claim token button will appear

After clicking it, a transaction for 0 ETH will pop up (you only pay Gas)

Confirm it!

Wait for a few moments…

If it says the transaction went through and you don't see your token, refresh the page and it will be there!

Congratulations you are now the owner of one of the top memes from 2018.

Token details

Name: Meme Awards 2018
Symbol: MA2018
Type: NFT (Non-Fungible-Token)
Total supply: UNKNOWN until Feb 13, 2019 01:13:00
Tracker: Etherscan
Airdrop status: Ongoing

Token utility?
For now let's just keep it as a nice reminder that 2018 wasn't such a bad year. A lot of good memes came out of it. Consider Meme Awards 2018 crypto collectible a "rare item drop" in your favorite MMORPG called LIFE.

You will never get another opportunity like this again.

When you own a Meme Awards crypto token, you own a piece of history. A proof of mankind's greatest achievements- the memes.

(I might also be working on a blockchain based game that will use these cards  Roll Eyes)

Sharing is caring

The next 20 people who PM me (please don't post in this thread it's not allowed!!) with the link to their tweet or facebook post about this airdrop (use this link please: https://brofistcoin.io/MemeAwards2018/) will get 10 BrofistCoin!! It's not much, but for the sake of memes let's do this!

Unofficial fan-made token

We are not working with PewDiePie in any way. Please don't hold him accountable for anything. This is a fan-made project I'm working on to learn about Ethereum, Solidity and the Web3.

This is why it's free. I don't really need to get copystriked by this guy, but if you happen to know him, maybe say something nice?

Medium: https://medium.com/@brofistcoin.io/meme-awards-2018-crypto-collectibles-erc721-free-airdrop-78f6e7a45390

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4E96vYUG7bw

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