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     WINSTARS.LIVE is an  international online operator of gamblings constructed on the basis of integration of new IT solutions in the sphere of online gambling and Blockchain technology.

     Winstars gives a unique opportunity of  parlay  to each fan of gamblings regardless of his location and income

     Basis of functioning of the Winstars.live platform will be decentralized system of smart contracts which will be responsible for ensuring equitable distribution of random numbers and playing cards of casino  tables  and poker-rooms, to distribute funds for customer accounts.

     Winstars.live is  building a system which guarantees transparency and honesty for all presented gamblings. Thanks to advantages which will be realized on our platform many problems of the industry connected with a question of trust, entry into the international markets and protection of personal data of users will be solved.

     Any person has an opportunity to examine operating activities of the platform, because of open access to public  register with the mathematical proof of authenticity.

     The usage of Blockchain technology in structure  of online operator of gamblings will allow to create absolutely transparent system.

     The result of each  individual game or number,  fall of the subsequent playing card are accidental and  made with  the help of multifactorial model of random generation  where the total value is defined on the basis of several   characteristics of  input data.





Twitter: https://twitter.com/Winstarslive

Telegram https://t.me/winstars_live_ru

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/winstars.live/

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/WinsLive

Vkontakte: https://vk.com/winstars.live

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