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Website 0xchan.net
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Nameservers ns.inwx.de

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Your conversations.
Immutable and decentralized.

0xchan website

What is 0xchan?

0xchan is a decentralized and immutable message board system on the Ethereum blockchain where users can post messages and media files. Storage of those messages is handled via IPFS and a smart contract is used to store a ledger of all messages. A Proof of Stake style mechanism ensures quality content and protects the system against spam, while also incentivising users to stake their Ether. The immutable and decentralized nature of the system allows for free speech and gives way to create truly censorship resistant and self sustaining platforms.

0xchan tackles an already existing and served market. Websites like 4chan, 8chan or Reddit allow users to interact with each other in conversations. The issue here is a very centralized nature with an abundance of moderation to meet the needs of advertisers and outright censorship. If the hosting servers suffer from down time or get taken offline permamently no user will be able to access the content anymore. Many users are very unhappy with forced advertising and automated bot spam on these communities and are looking for less intrusive alternatives.

Why crowdfund, and what are we doing with the Ether?

Kickstarting projects with your own hard earned money is a good thing, but you should know what your money is being used for as well.

All of the collected Ether is being used by us in a way that helps us develop 0xchan as quickly as possible, pay external audits, create rewards for future bug bounties but also pay our hosting and domain.

The closer we come to reaching the total goal of 2,000 Ether the more time we can allocate to this by either reducing our current jobs to a minimum or even becoming full time developers for this project.

The crowdfunding phase will end February 13th 2019.

What are our projected goals?

We don't want to keep you in the dark about what we planned for the future, so here is our targeted roadmap for 2019:

Q1 2019: Infancy Q2 2019: Arc Q3 2019: Democracy Q4 2019: Freedom
Start of the crowdfunding campaign, beginning of development, first version of the working draft white paper is released. Release of a testnet version with MVP interface to interact with the system, public bug hunting with bounty rewards in Ethereum, depending on success of testnet a follow up with a third party audit and subsequent mainnet release. Publication of entire system as open source on publicly accessible platforms like Github, finalized white paper is being released. Release of a stand alone desktop app as MVP with further development to follow up.

What's in it for you?

Aside from having a fuzzy and warm feeling because you know you kickstarted a revolution in reclaiming social media as a whole, you will get two things as a thank you from us:

For each 0.0001 Ether you donated, you will receive 1 ZCI token with a bonus on top, depending on how fast you were.

The first 500 Ether that get donated are receiving a bonus of 50% on their tokens. So instead of getting 1 ZCI for every 0.0001 Ether spent, you'd receive 1.5 ZCI for every 0.0001 Ether spent.

The next 750 Ether that get donated are receiving a bonus of 25% on their tokens. So they'll receive 1.25 ZCI for every 0.0001 Ether spent.

Every Ether donated after that will be subject to a 10% bonus and receive 1.1 ZCI for every 0.0001 Ether spent.

All ZCI received this way can be converted to ZCH on the 0xchan main contract, or be traded on exchanges that support the tokens.

The other thing you'll receive is a unique, tongue-in-cheek ERC-721 token with your address on it. It's yours to keep, forever.

Where's the white paper?

A detailed description of the technical aspects of 0xchan and further explanations can be seen in our working draft white paper which you can view and download via the link below.


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