[ANN]Coinstantine – Make mass token distribution easier and cheaper

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Make mass token distributions easier and cheaper

Today we are very happy to announce Coinstantine, helping developers and crypto companies to distribute their token is an easy way and for the price of one single transaction.

Recipients will use a mobile app to withdraw their tokens

Airdrops, airdrops, airdrops are everywhere! But what a journey to manage an airdrop campaign and how expensive it is! Distributors need to think twice before deciding the number of recipients they want to give away their token to.

What a hassle for recipients, social media validations, forms to be filled, social media actions. Have it done once for all via Coinstantine App.

The CSN Token Pre Sale will start on July 1st 2019 8:00 UTC.

It will end on August 14 2019 23:59 UTC.

Presale smart contract address : 0x7988eb11741109e2508507fa4abd646046ccdbf7
Or use the app.

Airdrop campaign
Download the app, follow the instructions and Earn up to 170 CSN Tokens

100 CSN for all BCT members � Limitted to the first 1.000 to subscribe.
Extra 50 CSN for Senior Members � Limitted to the first 100 to subscribe.
Extra 10 CSN for joining Discord

What is Coinstantine?
The purpose of Coinstantine is to make airdrops and mass tokens distributions easier and cheaper. The intelligence is defined in a smart contract. The smart contract manages the tokens deposits and makes them available to the subscribed users.
Coinstantine project consists of a smart contract, a website and a mobile app. The website is aimed to be used by airdropers/distributors, the mobile app by the users who want to receive tokens and the smart contract is there to make the magic happen.

Who will use Coinstantine?

Token distributors




July 2018
Concept development
Thinking and conceiving a smart contract solution to current airdrop limits

August 2018
White Paper
The first release of the white paper

November 2018
Android alpha version
Releasing the Android version of the app.
The app will allow users to see the main features of the app, subscribe to the airdrops and also participate to the presale phase. Connected to Ropsten network.

December 2018
iOS Alpha version
The same app on iOS devices

May 2019
Website alpha version
Creating the website with account creation and login flow feature

July 2019
Presale �️
Starting the presale phase on July 1st till August 15th.

October – November 2019
ICO �️
2nd phase of sale

December 2019
Website ▶️
Releasing the website with airdrop creation functionalities

Q2 2020
More third parties ▶️
Adding Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and more as third party applications

Q3 2020
New blockchain support &#
Supporting NEO smart contracts

Q4 2020
New blockchain support ▶️
Supporting Stratis smart contracts

Q4 2020
Desktop apps ▶️
Releasing PC and Mac OS version of the app

We are looking for translators!

Excited about Coinstantine and want to help? We would be happy to hear from you!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoinstantineBV

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/CoinstantineBV

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4B57jeoZ1G4oIl4tyaxCYA/videos

Github: https://github.com/coinstantine

Discord: https://discord.gg/FYExryk

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