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Welcome everybody

We are delighted to announce launch first Egyptian market to operate with Blockchain technology

This is our official website ( Egypt Blockchain Store ) = ( EBS )


It was started running in 2 / 3 / 2019 in a Beta version

This site specializes in sale of electronic devices retail Of international brands,

All products from smart phones, tablets, cameras, laptops, TVs and smart gaming, are now available for sale,

On occasion of opening we declare a 5% discount on all products with Coupon (( openingstore ))

—- we know All previous offers are available in any online market  —-

New for us , we do not accept payment by any payment method other than EGPT Token

You can watch this short video to see how you can buy from our site.


In an easy and simple way that is available to all Internet users, all you need is your browser and install small Extension.

You can buy any product you want without committing to a certain age, or need to create an account on our site,

without need to enter personal data, credit card Data or bank account , with fee not more than a few pounds whatever the price of goods,

with a distinct shipping service and a distinct section to serve customer support.

idea is simply that we have created a smart contract on Etherium network.

This contract allows transfer token as is customary, thus we have created our EGPT (ERC20 TOKEN).

Our Developers have created contract and its associated code with latest version 5.4

After latest Etherium network update ,With simple transfer fee , safer and more speed.

website has been linked to Metamask wallet with its technology, and is made available for use in payment process.

We'll explain it , but after submitting some data to you.



address: 0xDa3Bd278a39AE57439eE26B361118173bC70f21F


Compiler Version: v0.5.4+commit.9549d8ff

pragma solidity: 0.5.4 Latest v

Token details


Symbol: EGPT

Decimal: 18

Total supply: 555.555.555

Explorer : https://etherscan.io/token/0xda3bd278a39ae57439ee26b361118173bc70f21f







It is now available for trading in decentralized platforms for use of site services

and we plan to add it to central platforms that are known to all after completion of registration procedures

forkdelta : https://forkdelta.app/#!/trade/0xda3bd278a39ae57439ee26b361118173bc70f21f-ETH ( EGPT/ETH )

coinchangex : https://www.coinchangex.com/#!/trade/0xda3bd278a39ae57439ee26b361118173bc70f21f-ETH ( EGPT/ETH )

tokenjar : https://tokenjar.io/EGPT ( EGPT/WETH )

You can buy and sell EGPT on your wallet without recording accounts

Or you can get free 100 EGPT  bonus to get started , Only after simple tasks to follow our project

To get it you have SUBMIT this form


This is our whitepaper link and an explanation of whole project.


You may also, as a customer of our site, see terms and conditions of sale, shipping, privacy and refund through these pages

This is necessary before you start buying from our site

Privacy policy: https://egyptoken.com/privacy-policy

Terms and conditions: https://egyptoken.com/terms-and-conditions

Refund policyhttps://egyptoken.com/refund-policy

ROADMAP and Features

Smartphone Application

You can use all services of our site through it, It will be available for Android and ios.

Plugin for webmasters

EGPT is allowed as a method of payment, In all sites will used.

Our own shipping company
This is necessary and is to be prepared in order for system to be integrated.

Smart Card System
For use in non-Internet services, and with ATMs, You can shop in local market and recharge your phone balance and pay bills.

An investment fund with variable returns

For investors in our company's shares for long periods.
Trading Platform
Where currencies will be traded with EGPT pair and other pairs


EGPT Blockchain Network, began mining.

Import of goods and international shipping

To provide a lot of fees and to deliver services to other countries

Best COIN payments

We will work hard to get to this point as soon as possible

our Vision

After a study of Egyptian market lasted more than two years We have done market research in various fields, Especially in field of electronic devices, We found that online buying is increasing, Because of ease of use and establishment of large companies with good reputation, Such as jumia, souq and others, Has built a list of distinguished clients It has executed sales orders, professional, fast and transparent, It sells high quality products and global brands, But despite all these advantages, There is still a large segment of consumers away from dealing with these companies, Because they do not have bank accounts or credit cards, And not to exceed the leg
al age or existence of special reasons to prevent them from activating these benefits, Including a large segment of young people interested in technology, They are a large proportion of consumer audience, And because of some complexities in laws of bank transfers and high fees, It is difficult to list many other reasons in this article. We prepared for this project first of its kind in Egypt, Using modern technologies especially in Etherium network, Specifically with smart wallet technology associated with browsers such as Metamask, Which we used in this project, In an easy, safe and special way, Where it is easy for any Internet user to make purchases, Without having to create accounts or extract credit cards, We have created this unique market, We've integrated all old features, With practical solutions to problems, Now you just need to browser and install small EXTENSION, You are now ready to choose your product, buy it and pay for it easily, Very low fees may not exceed a few pounds, These fees are fixed no matter how much you pay, We have put all costs of taxes and shipping charges within product price, In other words, price you pay will not be added to any other amount, You do not have to wait for bank confirmation or public holidays, process is confirmed after a few seconds, You are only one who controls your account and cannot use it without your permission, You do not need to enter personal data or credit data on our site to complete your purchase, All you need is an email to receive invoices and a shipping address product is shipped as soon as possible with largest and most experienced shipping companies. price of EGPT token fixed with Egyptian pound, With price fit with the dollar, euro and world currencies, It is traded with Ethereum equivalent to that. Are you ready to try this new technology? We will be happy to provide these services to our customers in best way and hope to offer a service that satisfies everyone.

Shipping is only available in Egypt

Other countries will be gradually expanded

You can follow us to see our offers and everything that is new.

twiter : https://twitter.com/EGYPTOKEN

facebook : https://www.facebook.com/EGYPTOKEN

TELEGRAM: https://t.me/egptoken

Updates will also be posted here

You can also contact us by email on these addresses

PUBLIC : [email protected]

CUSTOMERS SERVICE : [email protected]

ADD YOUR PRODUCT : [email protected]

ORDERS SERVICE : [email protected]

Thank you for follow-up and good luck to all



Twitter: https://twitter.com/EGYPTOKEN

Telegram https://t.me/egptoken
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EGYPTOKEN

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