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What is UP104?


Up104 Contract
– GAIN 4-5% PER 24 HOURS (every 5900 blocks)
– 10% of the contributions go to project advertising

How to use:
1. Send at least 0.001 Ether to make an investment.
2a. Claim your profit by sending 0 Ether transaction (every minute, every day,
every week, i don't care unless you're spending too much on GAS).
2b. Send at least 0.001 Ether to reinvest AND get your profit at the same time.
3. Participants with referrers receive 5% instead of 4%.
4. To become someone's referral, enter the address of the referrer
in the field DATA when sending the first deposit.
5. Only a participant who deposited at least 0.001 Ether can become a referrer.
6. Referrers receive 10% of each deposit of referrals immediately to
their wallet.

7. To receive the prize fund, you need to be the last investor for at
least 42 blocks (~10 minutes), after which you need to send 0 Ether
or reinvest.

RECOMMENDED GAS PRICE: https://ethgasstation.info/

Contract reviewed and approved by pros!

What is MINTY?


MINTY is Mineable Token working on the Ethereum platform. To mine bitcoin
 you need to spend electricity. To mine MINTY you need to spend some gas.
The basic principle: the more you have, the more you will get. MINTY can be
added to any Ethereum Wallet because it is standard ERC20 token. You must
have at least 0.1% (better – 0.101%) of mined MINTY to start mining or you
will just spend gas!

How to get free 2050 MINTY (only first 400 members)
1. Invest (send) at least 0.001 Ether (0.2 $) to 0x7CA3c855C84dA4B9301F2331803b9B2D43A19fDe (you will get 4% per day)
2. Follow us at Twitter: https://twitter.com/dmint18 and retweet this post: https://twitter.com/dmint18/status/1060783083732037632
3. Join our Telegram group (optional): https://t.me/unrealin
4. Fill Google Form: https://goo.gl/forms/f59Nuony2uygFlGO2
5. Submit report on this thread in the following format:

6. Be ready to get 2050 MINTY to your Ethereum wallet and start mining Smiley

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dmint18

Telegram https://t.me/unrealin

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