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We announce a new concept POW type BLAA.

New renovation concept Mining token – Blaa

Blaa is a hybrid (POW + POS) based crypto asset that combines mining coins and platforms such as Ethereum, Blood Mainnet.
It will be used as a major currency system that is universally used in the virtual district called Bloodland, with over 8,000 owners of Bloodland and 1 million cells in the virtual district were sold. Based on the secure chat called BlaaChat, an application consisting of a messaging service, game, blood donation, and the virtual district Bloodland, has already been launched in Google Play and App Store. In the future, Bloodland will be realized by matching the virtual communication world with the actual location of the Earth based on VR.
Blaa is one of the BF3 Blood Mainnets. This is to complete the world view of Blood that has a variety of world views such as security chat, blockchain, and Bloodland on the BlaaChat platform, which combines the advantages of POW and POS to increase the versatility of the Blood Mainnet and its external appearance. It has a purpose to expand to.

[[ OVERVIEW ]]Symbol character: BLAA
Total Supply: 400 million
Method: Converted to POS method based on Seed Farming of POW method and redistributed
Initial Supply: 5% of the total issuance – 20 million
*350 million incineration of founder�s Blood token
*After 1 year lock-up, 5% volume of total (5million) is released every month
*Incinerate at 1 BLA to 70 BLOOD ratio (Round 1)
Operator: 5 million
*350 million incineration of Operator�s Blood token
*After 1 year lock-up, 5% volume of total (5million) is released every month
*Incinerate at 1 BLA to 70 BLOOD ratio
Developer: 3 million
*After 1 year lock-up, 10% volume of total (3million) is released every month
General IEO: 7 million
*Immediately after listing 5% of their lock-ups were released.
*5% volume of total (5million) is released every month
*Round 1 (9 July 2020)
       3 million BLAA Incinerate at 1 BLAA to 70 BLOOD ratio
       500,000 BLAA (1Blaa to 0.5USDT in VinDax Exchange)
* Round 2 (16 July 2020)
       3 million Incinerate at 1 BLA to 75 BLOOD ratio
       500,000 BLAA (1Blaa to 0.55USDT in VinDax Exchange)

Through the proof of work, the mainnet will reward SeeD to the participants who find the hash value of the new block, and to distinguish this behavior from general mining, it is called Farming. Farmed SeeD does not mine Blaa by an absolute percentage of its quantity, and Farmed SeeD is first rewarded to the wallet of only one participant who has one wallet address per block. This process is called algorithm compensation. Based on the Farmed SeeD, based on the weight, the difficulty, and the number of consecutive farming, the SeeD is adjusted to mine the Blaa relatively. Relative does not mean Blaa is compensated for the number of SeeDs, but when mining SeeDs, it determines the relativity to be compensated for the appropriate function of mining compensation through weight, difficulty, and whether it is exclusive mining. It means to have. If mining is to provide the key currency of a specific blockchain as a reward for the act of finding a block hash to create a new block of distributed ledger through proof of work in the blockchain, Farming is for the participants who have found the new block hash value. In the pre-compensation stage, the action of compensating the SeeD having relative value in advance and collecting the SeeD are collectively referred to as the act. Several types of SeeD obtained through farming are possible, and the SeeD is named as SeeD[Name of Hash Algorithm]. For example, the SeeD farmed using the CPU hash-based Argon2 algorithm is called SeeD[Argon2].

 Smiley SeeD
As described above, SeeD, named SeeD [Name of Hash Algorithm], allows you to harvest multiple different forms of farming. According to the initial plan, it will support mobile and web mining based on SeeD[Argon2, CPU], and will provide a mining environment that can respond to various hash algorithms and changes in the environment such as SeeD[SHA256].
SeeD[�]'S farming procedure is dualized into an algorithm compensation step that rewards members who find the block hash in the first step and a weight compensation that divides the reward according to the weight of all members. The ratio of algorithm compensation is 1/4 of the compensation rate per block, and the weight compensation is 3/4, which is 3 times the algorithm compensation.

 Smiley Point Mining weight   
SeeD[X] is a proof-of-work blockchain network, and the network will reward SeeD to participants who have found a hash algorithm for new blocks. If the number of participants participating in the SeeD[X] farming is defined as n, 1SeeD[X] is compensated for every block to overcome the limitation that only 1/n people receive SeeD compensation. However, 1SeeD[X] is not converted to BLA as an absolute value, and if the total amount of BLA to be divided and divided per block is Total_Blaa_Per_Block, � of the number of T_B_P_B is the algorithm compensation that compensates the participants who found the block hash. The remaining � is redistributed by the mining weight to the total number of n people (weight compensation). The mining weight is equal to the number of referrals who introduced BlaaChat, which is equal to the total amount of the first-level referrals. Preventing referral fraud in the first stage by judging the actual existence of the lower stage in BlaaChat, phone authentication, face authentication (rather than storing face photos, specific values for distinguishing faces are stored), KYC authentication, etc.; verifying referral fraud by various authentication methods. Besides, since the increase in the number of members and the increase in the number of participants in BlaaChat is directly related to the market value of BlaaChat, it is possible to maintain the market value of Blaa and Blood and play a positive role in membership growth. The weight can be adopted by attracting actual members and other methods.

 Smiley   How to Obtain Point Mining Weight (Referral points)   
a.   When your promotion creates a recruited downline distributor, you earn 1 point for each sub-distributor.
However, if the sub-distributor has been inactive for more than 6 months, the point set as a sub-referral will disappear.

b.   Referral points are obtained through incineration of Blood. According to the referral acquisition index, according to the value of the blood that can be incinerated per point, one referral point is obtained and the corresponding blood is incinerated. The default value is 1 point for incineration of 3000BLOOD. Obtaining points through BLOOD is limited to one year. (September 27, 2021)

c.   If you purchase Bloodland with Blaa, you earn 0.25 point for each BlaaLand.

 Smiley Universal web-based mining �  SeeD[CPU]In the case of SeeD[CPU] or SeeD[Argon2], which will be created first by the initial plan.
It is designed to be able
to mine in a chrome-based web browser. When development is completed, it is possible to pharm in any environment where a web browser is possible, as well as the inside of BlaaChat.
The Argon2 algorithm is a CPU-optimized mining algorithm that has the best CPU mining effect compared to a GPU chipset.

 Smiley Restrictions on large capacity mining
If the number of members finding the hash value of Farming and Blockchain is limited to a certain number of people, it is possible to limit the monopoly of mining by applying a half-life index to a specific wallet address. For example, if a certain wallet address is to oversee SeeD[X], it is to secure diversity, if a half-life index is applied to the mining wallet, � for 1 time, � for 3 times. When applied, the efficiency of farming of 1/8 is reduced, and the total amount of blows distributed to all members is increased by the amount reduced by the half-life index. The formula to which the half-sensing index is applied must be announced in advance 72 hours before application, to prevent confusion caused by sudden volatility.

 Smiley Blaa mining for incineration of BLOOD
Every block, 5% of the total amount of Blaa mined Coin is created by an unowned Blaacoin that nobody owns, and the Blaa Coin is available for purchase by ordinary members at 100 Blood per Blaa. All Blood used to purchase the Blaa is incinerated, and the Blaa Service operator, who has not purchased the Blaa, buys all the BlaaChat at regular intervals. All Blood purchased Blaa is incinerated. If the possession of a blood company is exhausted for the blood prepared for the purchase, the ownerless Blaa is not created more. In addition, it is newly allocated to the operators of BlaaChat at a rate of 2.5% of the newly created Blaa every every block. It is used for stable operation of BlaaChat and Bloodland, Blood Mainnet.
Members can sell Blaa for a certain period (6month) to Blaa's operator, and the operator must purchase at a price of 100 Blood per Blaa.  As a result, when a purchase is executed from members, 10 blood is automatically incinerated.

 Smiley 1 block / 1 Slot
Average generation cycles per block: 100 seconds
Average sizes distributed ledger per block: 100 bytes
Average numbers of blows per block: 50Blaa
Half-life: Every 630,720 blocks (2 years)
Total amount to be distributed to the public in the first year: 315,360 * 50 = 15,768,000 Blaa
The amount of new ownerless BLAA to be created in the first year: 2,049,840 Blaa
Total amount to be distributed to operators in the first year: 445,446 Blaa

 Smiley Proof of work based on the Argon2 algorithm for CPU mining
   1 Argon2 algorithm
Argon2 is a key derivation function that was selected as the winner of the Password Hashing Competition in July 2015.It was designed by Alex Biryukov, Daniel Dinu, and Dmitry Khovratovich from the University of Luxembourg. The reference implementation of Argon2 is released under a Creative Commons CC0 license. and the copyright holders can waive that right and use it freely. Since Argon2 is resistant to mining based on GPU and ASIC, it can be competitively mined through smart devices in a mobile environment. As it aims for CPU-based mining, it is regarded as the most ideal algorithm for now.

   2 A chrome browser-based proof-of-work method
The Argon2 algorithm provides various libraries, providing easy development performance in the JavaScript environment. By utilizing this, various web development environments based on JavaScript are adopted, and web-based mining based on chrome browser is supported to support more general terminal devices to support mining.

   3 Ed25519: high-speed high-security signatures
The Argon2 algorithm is used, and the wallet address is used by Ed25519 method. This method is currently used as the main authentication key of Blachat, and additionally, multiple public key private keys are supported for one ID, so that the public key can be periodically changed.
   4 Between SeeD [Argon2] and Blaa
SeeD[Argon2] is a POW based asset. However, free transmission is not possible in the SeeD state. When the miner is confirmed, BLAA, which actually acts as an asset, is transmitted to the corresponding wallet address. SeeD and BLAA share Ed25519 based wallets, and the shared wallet can be connected to BLAA, a dPOS method, as a linkage.

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