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In an era when many people claim to be People of the Future, how can they prove that they are the real deal?
Travelers who are in the cryptonians circle can normally forecast the currency price .

🔮 Time Traveler Tournament Starts Now! 🔮

👉 ————— Rules ————— 👈
To make the best forecast on the coin market price and get a chance to win USD 50 worth of tokens! During the event, as long as you have a BitAsset account, you will have a total of 16 forecast chances. If that week, more than two hundred people participated in the competition, the bonus will automatically go up to USD 100 worth of tokens!

🔸 Forecast Cryptocurrencies:
(each token can be forecasted once a week for a total of four weeks)

Weekly Activity Time:
Forecast Time: Daily from Friday to Tuesday
Announcement Time: every Thursday, announcing the actual price and best predictor of the market price
| 1st First Event: 8/2 (5) ~ 8/8 (4)
| 2nd Event: 8/9 (5) ~ 8/15 (4)
| 3rd Event: 8/16 (5) ~ 8/22 (4)
| 4th Event: 8/23 (5) ~ 8/29 (4)

Steps to Participate:
Register BitAsset and write down your UID
Enter the forecast area ( this page )
Leave a message "Your UID + Your Forecast Price" on the cryptocurrency post you want to forecast.
Come back to check the actual price on announcement day, the number of participants who joined for the week and the winners

👉 —————Rewards ————— 👈
USD50 (or USD100) worth of tokens to winners who successfully predicted the closest price (rewards will be quoted based on the announced spot price)

🔸 Rewards:
Rewards will be distributed directly to the winner's BitAsset wallet on Sep 18

⚠ Note:
Your forecast will base on your last editing time. If the message is not qualified, it is deemed to be waived.
If there is a duplicate of the answer, the earlier message will win;
The actual cryptocurrency price is subject to the BitAsset spot price at 12:00 on the date of publication;
BitAsset reserves the right to amend or cancel this campaign at our sole discretion.

Register here to join: https://www.bitasset.com/reg?registrationid=107

Join our Telegram Group.
Telegram: https://t.me/bitassetus
Telegram Announcements: https://t.me/BitAsset_Announcements

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Website: https://www.bitasset.com
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