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Fetch achieves this by creating a decentralized digital world where a collective super intelligence actively delivers answers to you: a world where information that benefits you and information that might benefit you is delivered effortlessly. Fetch brings the world closer together and delivers power to the individual. It provides solutions to problems that no one has yet dared to address, enabled by a system that can handle huge numbers of tiny transactions conducted by our digital representatives.

We don't fix the old economy, we present an entirely new one.

Fetch is a decentralized digital representation of the world in which autonomous software agents perform useful economic work. This activity is performed by Autonomous Agents. These are digital entities that can transact independently of human intervention and can represent themselves, devices, services or individuals. Agents can work alone or together to construct solutions to today�s complex problems.

Open Economic Framework

The digital world in which agents live is called the Open Economic Framework (OEF). This world acts as the ultimate value exchange dating agency: each agent sees a space optimized in real-time just for them, where important things are clear and visible and less important things are simply removed. The OEF provides the senses for agents: their sight, touch and hearing to present to them a world unique to the viewer.

Smart Ledger

Underpinning the digital world is the smart ledger: a new generation of learning ledger that provides a collective super-intelligence to support agents� individual intelligences. It provides market intelligence, previously locked up in centralized silos, to everyone so that any agent that wants something is assured of the shortest possible route to find another that has it. Fetch�s smart ledger scales to support millions of transactions per second and is able to restructure itself to present the OEF�s digital world to the agents that use it.

In Q2 2019 we will focus on consensus alongside an improved OEF, plus ledger-based, native multi-party, multi-dependency auctions alongside enhanced decentralized ledger computing. See our article on Synergetic Smart Contracts.

In Q3 Alpha release will have all major features functioning approximately as expected. Working on performance improvement. Beta release will effectively be complete: all features working as expected, requiring full-scale operational testing.

And the final stage of 2019 in Q4 Main-net release Initial release of the Fetch.AI main-network powered by the Fetch native token.

Project Introduction

(�Fetch� or �the Project�) brings together machine learning (�ML�), artificial intelligence (�AI�), multi-agent systems and decentralized ledger technology to create an economic internet � an environment where digital representatives of the economy's moving parts (such as data, hardware, services, people and infrastructure) can get useful work done through effective introductions and predictions.

Key Features
  • Digital infrastructure for deployment of Multi Agent Systems
  • Unique scalable ledger to support high transaction rates
  • Synergetic computing: Intelligent smart contracts for autonomous systems
  • Economic framework for governing dynamic marketplaces
  • Semantic, geographic and decision based navigation for autonomous agents to deliver seamless problem solving


  • Token Type – ERC-20
  • Total Token supply – 1,152,997,575 FET
  • Private Token Sale Price – $0.0527 USD/FET
  • Private Sale – 11,6% of Total Token Supply
  • Private Sale Acceptable Currencies – BTC/ETH
  • Public Token Sale Start Time – 2019-02-25 16:00:00 on Binance Launchpad
  • Public Token Sale Price – $0.1 USD/FET
  • Binance Listing – Within 24 hours after the Token Sale ends

The private token sale will take place until the 25th February 2019. After that we will have token sale on Binance launchpad.
For all the questions regarding private sale please reach us at Telegram

Twitter: https://twitter.com/fetch_ai?lang=en

Telegram https://t.me/FetchAI_Support

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/fetch-ai/

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