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AK Concept Outline

The small phase is over,
A great era is about to begin�

While scholars of science, technology and finance from various countries lament the advanced systems and technology of CXC,
CXC has moved on to higher peaks.

After dominating the mid-to-high-end market, CXC is about to enter a market that is 10-times larger, and thus will greatly improve the technical support foundations of the ecosystem.

The AK platform, which originated from the CXC system will take on this important task. AK stands for antimatter kingdom in, and is the super mine node application launched by the CXC team.

Antimatter is the most rare and expensive "matter" in the known universe. A NASA paper in 2006 predicted that it would cost USD 25 billion to produce one gram of antimatter. When matter and its antimatter meet, a complete matter-energy transition occurs, which is called annihilation. As far as the known physical reactions are concerned, it is the most efficient fuel. The annihilation of antimatter can produce 9 � 10 ^ 16 Joules, which is 30,000 times the power of nuclear fusion.

AK's original distribution corresponds to the rare properties of antimatter;
AK's future value corresponds to the high financial value of antimatter;
AK's ability is to mine at extremely high speed to contain the antimatter annihilation.
The combination of AK and CXC will form a new financial model that will amaze global technology and financial experts, and will go down in the annals of civilization.

AK aims to achieve five major successes:

   �   Continue to expand the scale of the CXC ecosystem global super node, remove the network congestion issues of BTC, ETH, EOS and other projects, and provide technical support for the uplink of ultra-large-scale commercial applications.
   �   By increasing mining revenue and making small investments, large revenues can be made, and the thresholds for public participation in the blockchain are greatly reduced. At the same time, by cultivating the market of high net worth people, we should open up a market that will be nearly 10 times the size, in order for the CXC system to take root and flourish worldwide at all levels.
   �   Fully stimulate the fission energy of the market. This fission activity of the market is usually 10 times higher than that of the high net worth population, so that CXC can accelerate its achievement goal of becoming the world's second largest digital asset by market value.
   �   AK operates as an independent platform and connects with the user system of CXC. The old nodes can easily carry out the invitation relationship translation. Any members of the team who missed the CXC first release, and are waiting for it, can harvest the initial bonus of the project using AK and thus help the market to soar again and improve the amount of public blockchain use in the project.
   �   The original issuance of CXC has been successfully completed in the form of bit collisions, and was successfully retired before AK was put online. The remaining 190 million of CXC left in the collision pool was transferred to the BTC creation address of Satoshi Nakamoto for permanent storage, equivalent to about 6% of the total tokens being destroyed at one time.
Since then, CXC is no longer bound by the rise and fall of bitcoin, and its value will be completely determined by the scale of the ecosystem development and the secondary market, and it is about to flourish.
At the same time, after AK and the other ecosystem projects go online, the demand for CXC in the whole network will continue to surge. The only way to obtain CXC in convenient, large amounts is to purchase from the exchange. The fact that the demand is greater than the supply will increase the value of holding CXC.

Along the way, CXC has always been leading the industry in innovation, with an excellent team that is good at capturing market share, and this great team is striving to change the future of mankind and is establishing a monument for our civilization; so let us look forward to the surprises brought by CXC and AK to the world.

More sources:
Original source: https://medium.com/profitlocks/ak-the-antimatter-the-new-era-d61f6d7f2de2
Twitter: https://twitter.com/anitmatterking
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/anitmatterkingdom/
Telegram group: https://t.me/joinchat/LhmDEhbUpMuoE1KbhDDIKA
Telegram channel: https://t.me/akclash
Discord work group: https://discord.gg/gbsRNcP
Facebook Message: https://m.me/anitmatterkingdom

Twitter: https://twitter.com/anitmatterking

Telegram https://t.me/joinchat/LhmDEhbUpMuoE1KbhDDIKA

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/anitmatterkingdom/

Medium: https://medium.com/profitlocks/ak-the-antimatter-the-new-era-d61f6d7f2de2

Discord: https://discord.gg/gbsRNcP

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