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What is Singh?

Singh is a Democratic Content Creation Network, in the form of a mobile Application, where people all over the world can monetize their talent, by participating in special campaigns with a prize in real money, in the form of Singh Credits, which can be turned into Amazon Gift Cards or used to buy merchandise from the App's Shop. Each campaign is created by an Advertiser by paying SINGH ERC20 tokens, and features a unique set of rules (a bit like a bounty): the Advertiser could ask Singh users to design his new logo, or to take a picture of themselves with a particular book, to make a video about their favourite restaurant… Anything really!

After the users submit their original content, a Voting Phase starts: a completely democratic process, where users vote each other's creations and the community gives an ELO-based score to each picture, choosing how beautiful it is and if it respects the Campaign's rules. The entire Prize Pool is then shared between all the campaign participants. Everyone wins! But only the best creations will get higher shares of the prize.

Singh will be released for Android devices on the 20th of January 2019, and in the following months it will also be released for iOS and KaiOS.


General Rules

1. Only registered users on the Singh Airdrop Program official website ( https://singh.life/airdrop.html ) can participate in the program. By participating in the program, you represent that the information you have provided in the registration form is true, accurate and complete.

2. Participants need to use email to register on the official website

3. To receive the reward, ALL STEPS need to be completed. Users who only complete part of the steps will not receive any reward.

4.   The reward is sent to the Ethereum Wallet created in the Singh app upon installation, NOT TO THE USER'S PERSONAL WALLET. The wallet is decentralised and controlled by the user, so everyone will be able to send the SINGH to their main wallet.

5. The reward is fixed and equal to 720 SINGH tokens ( $ 180.00 ). SINGH tokens are not convertible to vouchers, but can be used to create campaigns and traded on crypto exchanges upon the listing of the token (which will probably happen in late 2019/early 2020).

6. We reserve our right to terminate your account and forfeit any rewards you may have accrued in the event of any dishonest behaviour.

7. We reserve the right to change airdrop campaign rules in our discretion.

8.   For any questions regarding the bounty campaign please contact [email protected]

All rewards will only be payable following the completion of the user's first campaign on Singh. The user may have to wait 7-10 days before he receives his tokens.



To participate in the Airdrop follow these steps:

1. Go to Official Singh Airdrop Page and insert your email address.

2. Wait for the confirmation email. When you get it, click on the link to confirm the subscription

3. When the App is released you will receive an email with a google play link. Click on the link: it will take you to Google Play, where you will download and install the Singh app on your Android device.

4. Once you have installed the App, you will see a list of campaigns. They all have a prize in Singh Credits, which can be converted to Amazon Gift Cards! To get your free SINGH and Singh Credits you�ll have to submit your original picture to the campaign, following the Rules in the Campaign Page.

5. Once your picture has been approved, you�ll be asked to vote the other users� pictures. Remember: You need to both submit your picture AND vote to receive your aidrop reward!

6. When the voting phase ends you�ll get your campaign rewards, and in 7-10 days time you will receive your airdrop SINGH tokens!


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