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Argentum NT


Argentum NT is a fork of Argentum, which was conceived in 2013 as a rare commodity with the explicit goal of long term value apreciation. Today this purpose is being further refined for indefinite wealth storage � a digital asset engineered for the ages.

Argentum NT's parameters have been optimized to make it ideal for long term investments. It is important to understand that this is not an issued token but a decentrally mined cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. A purely peer-to-peer, decentralized digital store of value building upon Bitcoin, optimizing its paramaters and implementing technological components to leverage the blockchains advantages and cutting its disadvantages out.

The Perception of Bitcoin as a Transactional Currency

From its inception by Satoshi Nakamoto � whoever that might be � Bitcoin was intended to be (and was also positioned as) a transactional currency. Bitcoin was invented as a censorship free, trustless, decentralized peer to peer money. During all these years since the first Bitcoin transaction on January 3rd, 2009 the Bitcoin community fostered the image of Bitcoin as a new global currency.
However, as more and more people realize that Bitcoin might not be a great transactional currency, investors could also lose confidence in Bitcoin as an investment asset. Even though some observers have dubbed Bitcoin �Gold 2.0� one has to admit that Bitcoin is not ideally positioned as a pure investment coin.
Argentum NT was never positioned as a peer to peer money. From its beginnings it was designed purely as a digital asset.

Optimizations over Bitcoin

  • Reduction of the total number of coins to 11000000
  • Initial block-reward of 0.1 new coin per block
  • Replacing the SHA256 hashing algorithm used in mining with the ASIC resistant NeoScrypt algorithm
  • Implementation of the T3 difficulty adjustment algorithm to prevent massive swings in difficulty

Difficulty adjustment algorithm

Bitcoin�s difficulty adjustment algorithm is executed only once every 2016 blocks. While this works sufficiently well for Bitcoin where the hashing power experiences only minor fluctuations relative to the total hashing power, this is a big issue for Altcoins where typically the total hashing power is low. A sudden increase in hashing power causes a high block rate leading to a much higher coin inflation than intended. A sudden drop in hashing power prolongs the time required to mine a new block by factors causing users to wait for transaction confirmations for an unexpected amount of time which lowers the user�s trust in such a system. Consequently, it�s crucial to select an algorithm that adjusts the mining difficulty with respect to the changing hashing power. The T3 difficulty adjustment algorithm is the solution to this problem.

Current goals

  • In the near future, you will be able to lock your coins for a specified amount of time via an app
  • To incentivize long term holding a part of the rewards will be given to long term holders





Neoscrypt whitepaper


Chain Explorer & Exchange


Twitter: https://twitter.com/ArgentumNT

Telegram https://t.me/ArgentumNT

Github: https://github.com/argentum-nt/argentum-nt-core

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