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Zent Cash is a decentralized cryptocurrency project, our idea is to create and maintain the project technically and launch it to the community to give it life. Transfers are executed instantaneously and securely, therefore Zent with blockchain technology will become a magnificent form of payment based on the trust of the users of the network and avoiding the intervention of third parties with their own interests.

Ours is a long-term project. We started from below but with a vision of the future, that Zent becomes a useful, versatile and stable cryptocurrency. We pursue great goals, as you can see in our road map. We are only at the beginning and we want to build something big little by little, that's why we have great professionals, even so we are increasing our team hiring experts in each subject, be it programmers, IT, marketing, social networks. So if you are interested you can contact us.

(ZTC) is a fork of Turtlecoin based on CryptoNote, it is a totally anonymous cryptocurrency, so the payments can not be tracked. However, we focus a lot on the protection of data with great importance nowadays and being a transcendent subject in the world of the network. Our blockchain system is resistant to ASIC mining currently, since we consider that it is the way to decentralize the project to the maximum and give opportunity to anyone willing to participate, the future regarding this issue should be decided by the community.

We intend to stand out in the graphic facility in the development of its software and app's and in the simplicity in its operation, in order to encourage its use even to those less familiar with the new technologies. Focusing on establishing a democratic system for the evolution of the project in its internal community and transparency of those processes.

As we care about the opinion of our community, at the end of next year and depending on how the project is developed, we will call a referendum, vote on certain variables, know the community's interest and even contribute or refine the ideas that make us evolve.

If you have any question or doubt, do not hesitate to consult us on our website "", or on any of the available social networks Telegram, Discord or Twitter, we will always be ready to help in all that this in our hands.


PoW Algorithm: CryptoNight Lite V7
Total emission (total supply): 7,500,000,000. Seven thousand five hundred million
Preliminary: 300,000,000 (4% of the project)
Block time: 1 minute (60 seconds per block)
Decimal units of the cryptoactive: 2
Blockchain life expectancy: (Pow) 32/33 years
Decreasing block reward system:
   Blockchain start: 3,432 coins per block
   Day 200: 2,991 coins per block
   Day 800: 1,981 coins per block
Mining: Support for CPU and GPU (pending technological development in hardware and software)
Difficulty: Dynamics of automatic readjustments
P2P port: 21688
RPC Port: 21698



Create web page (done)
Create wallets for windows and linux (done)
Blockchain Launching (made)
Mining pools integration
Publication of the Whitepaper (in English and Spanish)
Creation and start-up of official pool / multiplatform GUI Wallet (windows and Linux)
Adaptation of the portfolios for MAC operating systems
Error correction and optimization
Public launch of rewarded Bounties
Inclusion of Zent in the first Exchange

Inclusion of Zent in more exchanges
Marketing optimization, faucets and others.
Publication of Whitepaper II (in Chinese and Russian)

Web Wallet launch
Implementation of the Zent multi-game platform (first phase)
Creation of internal gaming systems
Community referendum on the trajectory and future of the project


Zent App (android, Ios)
Integrated and encrypted chat system integrated into the wallets
Multi-game platform Zent (second phase)
Other possible ideas, optimizations, improvements and bug fixes


Creation of Zent Prepaid Visa cards, rechargeable from the wallets and web-wallet

Links to the community:
Block explorer:
Spanish Telegram:
English Telegram:
Twitter: @CashZent


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