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Discord: https://discord.gg/wPxdWKP
Website: https://xli.cash
GitHub: https://github.com/XLICOIN/XLI


Our world is rapidly changing, and everything is involved in this transformation: politics, science, medicine, worldview, the main idea of a human about his own life and about the life of society. But in the center of his attention is always the care of his own health and the health of people close to him. And in this area there are tremendous shifts not just in the minds of people, but in their real physical existence. There came a time when genetics, a comparatively young science that arose just over a hundred and fifty years ago, began to play a huge, if not the key, role in the transformation of the possibilities of human existence, in solving the problems of life and death. Of course, medicine and biology existed way longer, but their main problems are focused precisely in genetics, which, as if in a drop of water, reflects the most pressing issues facing humanity.

Prospects for the development of genetics border on a miracle. The lower threshold of life expectancy is steadily increasing, infertile parents will soon have the opportunity to give birth to healthy children, the diseased internal organs can be replaced by new ones, grown on the basis of the patient's own cells and printed on the printer – and this is the task of the closest time. And the most important question that genetics can solve is the problem of cloning a human body with the transfer of the mind into a new body. It seems like science fiction, how ever, even thirty years ago the bravest minds of humanity could not imagine how much our world will change, thanks to the achievements of science.

The main problem of mankind – the problem of death – can be solved by genetics. For centuries and for thousands of years, man has been mortal, and only today we have incredible opportunities that may be gifted to the world by genetics . One way or another, the issue of prolonging a person's life and improving the quality of life of future generations becomes more acute, and therefore attempts to solve such problems are filled with huge investments, for which the largest and most reliable corporations are eager to go, because, if lucky, possession of the latest genetic technologies promises they have gigantic profits, which can not be compared even with incomes from trade in natural resources. These investments contribute to the creation of research centers with the most advanced equipment, technologies and the best specialists in their fields.
At the same time, the most ambitious task facing mankind – copying a person's body while maintaining his personal mind – is quite feasible from a scientific point of view. Paradoxically, humanity is on the verge of immortality, and only genetics can help it to overcome this threshold.

The conquest of space has always come up against the short-term human life problem, but with new technologies, humanity will continuously expand the boundaries of its presence in the universe, and this can facilitate the migration of mankind to other star systems in the event of the threat of the existence of our blue planet. Of course, this is a matter of a distant future, and now genetics are laying stones at the base of this incredible future, which is being approached by leaps and bounds simply because humanity is putting responsibility for the world transformation on genetics. And genetics does not deceive the expectations of people who believe in its possibilities, because the world is changing, right in front if us, thanks to the successes of this sience, and we, without noticing it, already live in this new transformed world.

The project XLI, of which the major part is crypto-currency – coin XLI, is designed to solve the problem of prolonging life by replacing certain organs in case of their diseases. But the main goal of the project will be the task of completely copying the body and mind of a person from the old fading body to a new, healthy, full of strength and with healthy body organs. A person will receive a second life, an opportunity to prolong his existence.

The future is steadily approaching, but how incredible it will become, depends only on ourselves. Perhaps in 15-20 years, humanity will attain immortality. Perhaps, it will happen a little later, but, nevertheless, the inevitability of future achievements of genetics is obvious. And those who are aware of this, we invite to our project.




PoW Block Reward

Blocks: 1-700 = 0.01 XLI
Blocks: 701-1000 = 0.05 XLI
Blocks: 1001-1500 = 0.1 XLI
Blocks: 15001-25000 = 0.15 XLI
Blocks: 25000-210000 = 0.25 XLI
Blocks: 210000-1000000 = 0.1 XLI

PoS Block Reward

Blocks: 1500-240000 = 0.1 XLI (70% for MN)

Algo: C11
Block Time: 90 Seconds
Confirmations: 10 Confirmations
Mined Confirmations: 91 Confirmations
Time Drift: 45 Seconds
Stake Maturity: 24 Hours

Total coins: 7 000 000 XLI

Maturity Masternode: 600 blocks

Masternodes collateral: 13000 XLI




WALLETS: https://github.com/XLICOIN/XLI






WEBSITE: https://xli.cash
OFFICIAL BLOCK EXPLORER: http://b.xli.cash/
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/xli_cash



Telegram https://t.me/xli_cash
Github: https://github.com/XLICOIN/XLI

Discord: https://discord.gg/wPxdWKP

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