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vSlice is swapping to a new Chain, to swap your tokens just leave them at Crex24.
They will process the swap at 30.09.2020

What is vSlice

vSlice is a decentralized token which enables anyone to rent out storage space on their computers and phones. Likewise, anyone can buy storage on the vSlice network.

By allowing anyone in the world to join the network, it can create a huge source of data storage. As more and more systems become computerized, it will be needed to satisfy the increase in demand.

What are the advantages?

They include:

  • Cost – By creating a larger free market for data storage, this should drive the price down.
  • Scale – Bringing millions of computers around the world together will create a huge storage network.
  • Economical – Instead of building new storage computers, Filecoin makes use of existing resources.
  • Safety – While Dropbox and iCloud have been hacked, a decentralized network means there is no single point of attack, making it harder to compromise.

Is it safe?

Saving your documents on someone else�s computer is risky. However, vSlice splits up data, a bit like shredding it, so nobody can piece it together. However, it knows how the data fits together and rearranges it when it�s requested.

This means the host cannot simply hack the document on their computer and gain access to the user�s files. If they tried to hack it, they would find just a stream of meaningless data.

The future

Cloud storage providers like Amazon and Google rack in a lot of money. This shows there is big demand in the market. If customers decide to trust decentralized services they may find themselves saving a lot of money. This money would also go straight back into the economy as it would go to individuals and small businesses. This could have a really positive effect on people�s lives.

Join the testnet

Whether you�re an experienced coder or just getting started, the testnet incentives competition is a great time to ramp up your participation on the vSlice network. Get started with the docs and join the vSlice Discord.

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