[ANN] Vitalik Giver of�Ether – Hyperinflation for the people.

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Vitalik Giver of Ether
This is a hyperinflationary token you will lose your money. This is a game and we wanted to see what happens and should be treated as just for fun. Do not put it in more than you're willing to lose.

This is a thought we had to have a token that hyperinflates and to finally let you send 1 token and get 2 back. To start you can buy from a pot the contract will try give you the best rate. You then send Vitalik Giver of Ether tokens and it will send 2x back. The address will lock for the life of the contract 0.2x to prevent abuse. We start with 1.

How it works
Vitalik Giver of Ether works through a few independent systems that make up the overall design. First we start with only 1 token. We then allow you to send Vitalik Giver of Ether any amount of tokens and he will send 2x back straight away. This simulates hyperinflation but instead of just the banks gaining, the people who are asking for it get the gains in tokens. Once you have vitalikized your tokens they become locked for 0.2x the life of the contract to prevent abuse. To get started there is a pot that you can send ETH to and you will get a dynamic amount of what�s in the pot. The pot dynamically gives you a price based on the amount of VIT2X and ETH inside. Finally, even you can be Vitalik Giver of Ether and send your friends some VIT2X to play with. This is a hyperinflationary currency you will lose money. Do not use this for investment. Let�s see what happens when hyperinflation comes from the people.

Dynamic pot
The dynamic pot works like a dynamic market. It balances the value by having the fee put back into it's pot of tokens in order to grow the liquidity through use. The more liquidity that gets removed from large orders the higher the fee to reduce manipulation. The amount of tokens or eth you gets relative to the amount of the counter currency. If there are 100 tokens and 100 eth by putting in 1 eth to buy tokens that would be 0.01x of the 100 eth in the pot and you get the amount of 0.01x of the token pot. There are fees to have the pot grow the more liquidity that gets removed by the order which will up future liquidity.

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