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❖ Upbankcrypto.com is a new ecosystem separated from the decentralized exchange www.coinexchange.io
❖ Upbank is an electronic bank based on the distributed ledger technology along with a smart deposit platform.
❖ Upbank Platform has integrated with the most advanced technologies.
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❖ UP Token is both a payment instrument of UpBankCrypto and also a Token that shows the growth of UpBank and other ecosystems it can be paid. UP Token is considered as an electronic stock of UpBank and a payment token for ecosystems that UpBank associates with.

UP Bank Project Features
Upbank Platform has integrated with the most advanced technologies.
How is UPToken guaranteed and increases in the price?
❖ UPToken is the asset created from the income earned by UPBank. That is also the profit that UPBank shares with investors.
❖ In addition, to generate profit from price differences, UPToken is also created from financial and payment transactions in UPBank ecosystem.

The Potential of UPToken
❖ The total UPToken in circulation: 100 Milion Coins.
❖ ERC20 Smart Contract Platform.
❖ Only created from market fluctuations and issues from investor deposits.
❖ So the scarcity in the market is extremely high.
❖ The bigger the community, the higher the demand of ownership and exceed the current supply, creating promising growth value.
❖ A powerful technology platform, diverse ecosystems as well as swiftly payment and swapping coin with only one click.
❖ With the demand to use UPToken payment and enjoy UPToken privileges also create price increase in the future.

When owning UPToken, you can

UPBank and E-Banking Interest Rate

Deposit insurance and investor�s rights:
With only 3% of the BTC, ETH, and TRX from your deposit, you will be
guaranteed your deposit interest will never be lower than the interest rate at the time you deposit.
Example: At the time you make a deposit with the BTC, its price is $8000/BTC. If
the price drops to $7500/BTC, your interest will still be calculated on the exchange rate of $8000/BTC. However, if the BTC price rises above $8000/USD, you will get the interest on that latest price.
**** It means we suffer losses when the exchange rate drops down and help you to have more your profit when the exchange rate of BTC, ETH, TRX increases. That is the wonderful thing that UPBank brings.


Development Team

Twitter: https://twitter.com/UpToken2

Telegram https://t.me/UPToken11

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/upbankcrypto/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwfu2ssbl3M&feature=youtu.be

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