[ANN] Tokoin targets massive opportunity in the MSME sector in emerging markets!

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Tokoin ANNouncement

Look at any successful company and you will notice that what sets them apart from others is that they identified a significant problem/opportunity that no one seems to be addressing and provided a unique yet simple approach to solving it. Tokoin, is focusing on bridging the credit gap of MSMEs in emerging markets, which, according to a report from The World Bank could be between $2.1-$2.6 trillion.

Industry Overview/Problem

MSME�s (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) are the driving forces of the economies in emerging markets contributing to 60% of total employment and 40% of the GDP while 70% of them have unmet financial needs to support business growth and operation due to a lack of collateral, accurate financial records, verification and credit score.

Market Potential

The World Bank Group study suggests that there are between 365-445 million MSMEs in emerging markets out of which 25-30 million are formal SMEs and 55-70 million are formal micro enterprises. An estimated 285-345 million are informal enterprises and moving them into the formal sector will have a considerable impact for the MSMEs as well as a boost in the overall economy.

Tokoin Overview/Solution

Tokoin establishes a digital identity and reputation for MSMEs that acts as an acceptable form of background verification in the business ecosystem. Tokoin presents a modern and better business ecosystem that facilitates collective growth through valuable partnerships. As a platform, Tokoin captures, records and processes business information from MSME users which is seen as a valuable asset. Within the Tokoin ecosystem, this asset becomes a trusted reputation for MSMEs and our users will be able to access financial business services from our partnered providers, which was unavailable to them earlier. Tokoin serves as a link between MSMEs and financial/banking sectors, providing financial inclusion and contributing to economic growth in emerging markets.

The Tokoin Value Proposition

Tokoin aims to establish a trust solution that can leverage MSMEs from the problems they are facing in three simple ways:

Build a Digital Identity for MSMEs that has a valid reputation and resource.
Allow MSMEs to utilize their data to create more funding opportunities.
Provide growth opportunities for MSME through business partnerships.


Originating from Indonesia, each team member boasts an incredible mix of regional and international experience, giving them an understanding of how things work on the field and on a higher level which is paramount to ensuring expansion in emerging markets globally. The core members are mentioned below and the complete team list can be found on their whitepaper.

Reiner Rahardja, CEO of Tokoin and has a good reputation in the Indonesian business field that has seen him grow into one of the country�s foremost entrepreneurs. He was also recognised as the top 2 successful young entrepreneurs under 40 in Indonesia.
Eddy Christian, COO of Tokoin has a track record in creating successful startups and has also invested in early stage ICO�s that have an impressive success rate. His experience in the banking sector, specifically risk management and credit profiling in the emerging market is a massive value addition to Tokoin.
Welly Salim, CTO of Tokoin brings more than 15 years of technical experience to the table. From managing projects, leading and growing teams to building a startup IT company from a 5 member team to a 100 member strong public listed company, Tokoin is surely in safe hands.

Token Details

Token Name: TOKO
ICO Token Type: ERC-20
Total Token Supply: 2,000,000,000 TOKO
Token Sale: 700,000,000 TOKO (35% Token Supply)
Hard Cap: $25,000,000
Soft Cap: $8,000,000

Current Partners and Scope

Ralali: The Largest B2B Marketplace in Indonesia
Scope: Merchants acquisition, data and resource partner
Pasarpolis: PasarPolis is the leading Insuretech company in Southeast Asia and the only company jointly invested by three Unicorns in Indonesia, Go-Jek, Tokopedia, and Traveloka.
Scope: Fintech partner for insurance products
Tomochain: Lead by Dr Long Vuong, co-founder of the NEM Blockchain
Scope: Communities reach out, Technology partner and marketing collaboration.
Shuttle One: Lead by HongZhuang Lim, a seasoned founder with one exit experience and been a longterm blockchain believer
Scope: Communities reach out, technology partner and marketing collaboration.
XSQ: Blockchain Infrastructure Development
Scope: Lending partner and community outreach
MakerDao: Builders of Dai, the first fully-decentralized stablecoin on Ethereum
Scope: Lending and stacking partner
Sahabat UMKM: Sahabat UMKM is a non-profit organization that helps more than 3000+ MSME across Indonesia in growing their businesses along with government support.
Scope: MSME members onboarding and Merchants acquisition
Ministry of Industry Indonesia
Scope: Government support, merchants acquisition and to help grow MSMEs
Ministry of Trade of The Republic of Indonesia
Scope: Government support, MSME acquisition and assist MSMEs in selling products globally
Scope: Investor and advisor to help grow in the South Korean market
Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Scope: Blockchain education center and access to the Indonesian trade ecosystem.

For more information on Tokoin, please visit:

Website: https://www.tokoin.io/
Medium: https://medium.com/@tokoin
Facebook: http://bit.ly/TOKOIN
Twitter: http://bit.ly/TOKOINID
Instagram: http://bit.ly/TOKOINIG
YouTube: http://bit.ly/TOKOINSMSE
Telegram Announcement Channel: https://t.me/tokoinupdates
Telegram Official Chat: https://t.me/TokoinGlobal

Telegram https://t.me/tokoinupdates

Medium: https://medium.com/@tokoin

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