[ANN] 🔥 Terra-Credit 40k for registering POW/POS Hybrid 🔥

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[ANN] 🔥 Terra-Credit 40k for registering POW/POS Hybrid 🔥

NOW 40K CREDIT Coins for FREE 400$ estimated value
🎁👉🏻 https://terra-credit.com/register?mref=ElTanque81 👈🏻🎁
Welcome to Terra, cryptocurrency for everyone. Register and claim 40,000 CREDITS coins for FREE !!!!

🎁👉🏻 https://terra-credit.com/register?mref=ElTanque81 👈🏻🎁
Homepage 👉🏻 https://terra-credit.com/index.html 👈🏻
Telegram 👉🏻 https://t.me/terracredit
Twitter 👉🏻 https://twitter.com/CreditTerra
Facebook 👉🏻 https://www.facebook.com/Terra-Credit-2005054926454101/

How will we make Credit the global payment system?

The only way a cryptocurrency can become a global payment system is if everyone who makes payments has access to it. We are focussing on achieving this goal by giving away our cryptocurrency to anyone who wants to use it. Terra is giving away 30 Billion coins to 10 million users over the coming months in our global giveaway. Our grass roots approach of using Credit to solve the digital payments issue for the worlds unbanked will make Terra the front runner in a new $50 Trllion market.


Terra has designed Credit (CREDIT) to offer free and fast blockchain based payments. Credit employs Proof of Stake which allows any user to become a block producer. Block producers support the network and get rewarded with new coins for doing so, this function replaces traditional mining which is expensive and complicated.


The Credit deskptop wallet automatically "Stakes" a users coin balance which allows them to become a block producer and earn rewards for maintaining the Credit blockchain. This creates a legitimate and passive income stream without the need for expensive equipment and technical knowledge.


The Credit wallet is simple to use and does everything automatically, you just need a computer or laptop. To get started make sure are connected to the internet with a balance of 10,000 coins, check that your wallet is 100% synced and unlocked for staking and the rest happens automatically.

Automatic Block Production

The Credit wallet offers the simplest and most rewarding "Mining" solution we know of and has been designed with you in mind, the easiest way to get a balance is to participate in our global giveaway, get verified and withdraw your coins to start earning.

Our ultimate vision is to see Credit and its supporting ecosystem provide a range of solutions that will bring the worlds unbanked into the era of digital currency. Every aspect of Credit has been designed to achieve this goal.

We are on a mission to secure the future of cryptocurrency as a whole, we know that the decentralization of money cannot reach it's full potential if only 0.01% of the worlds population are using blockchain based solutions for payments.

"Credit is the coin designed for mass adoption, we aim to achieve this goal through the largest coin giveaway in the history of Cryptocurrency. We have removed the technical and financial barriers related to block production in order to welcome millions of new users to the crypto space."

– Dan Ronchese, Founder

🎁👉🏻 https://terra-credit.com/register?mref=ElTanque81 👈🏻🎁

CREDIT coin is listed on community voting on mercatox.com.

Just click on
https://mercatox.com/coins/list?name=Credit  to vote for Credit.

Mercatox  picks winning coins twice in a month for listing.

Let's get Credit coin listed on Mercatox after two weeks voting

How to vote for Credit on Mercatox

1) Create an account on mercatox.com

2) Verify your account . To verify your account, go here:

3) Go to the voting page to vote  for Credit here :

4) Unverified account holders can buy points for voting here:

🎁👉🏻 https://terra-credit.com/register?mref=ElTanque81 👈🏻🎁

NOW 40K CREDIT Coins for FREE 400$ estimated value
🎁👉🏻 https://terra-credit.com/register?mref=ElTanque81 👈🏻🎁
Welcome to Terra, cryptocurrency for everyone. Register and claim 40,000 CREDITS coins for FREE !!!!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CreditTerra

Telegram https://t.me/terracredit

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Terra-Credit-2005054926454101/

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