ANN social and participative ICO HACKCOEUR COIN (HKA)

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March 9, 2019
March 9, 2019

ANN social and participative ICO HACKCOEUR COIN (HKA)

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A good idea is fertile like a good land. It is from this idea that we wanted to realize this project! You'll tell me, but what idea? Where does it come from? It came from a simple observation, many people do not do the work they like, their business is just a machine $$$$$$, pollution becomes uncontrollable, how do you say? This is where our participatory projects come into play, they are yours, in fact unlike other ICOs where everything is already drunk and you only invest, if you want you can participate in the design and development. Realization of his projects, his success will be yours, thanks to you it will be a reality, for many it will be the future, because indeed it is a big jump in the future of human relations. we can not wait to see you on our website http:// [url] [/ url], this is where we can communicate and also [url] https: //www.hackcoeur .org / projects / [/ url] to see the progress of your projects, can you be part of our collaborators, let's now go to the description of this ICO.

Hello everyone,

BTCAnnouncement of the launch of the ICO Hackcoeur Coin /HKA)BTCBTC/font]. (url of the link)

Erc20 Token Contract: 0x68e9851f294014e488d547fB7aDA4aA90A3e4165
Symbol: HKA
Name: Hackcoeur Coin
Decimal: 0
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Information on (url of the link)

The project will be piloted by the Hackcoeur Workshops, association created in 2015, associaton for Sustainability and help with the re-insertion, for the first time, a brand makes everything so that its products last! This is the creed of Hackcoeur to limit the impact on the environment and put into practice the precepts of sustainable development, our brand has set a goal to make the hardware last for decades. Here, no programmed obsolescence, re-conditioned devices to be easily used. (link url)
The company Hackcoeur exists for 13 years, it was created on November 8, 2005, under the name of Hackcoeur LLC and since August 29, 2014 its name is transferred to Hackcoeur Inc, the group has 13 years of existence which is a big advantage compared to other ICO, invest in this ICO is very safe, they will be used to create HKA contracts, which will be used for exchanges between customers, sellers and entities Hackcoeur, we ambition contracts stable and fair with a pivot change of $ 1 for 1 HKA, it will facilitate exchanges between continents. To reward our first investors, against 1 HKA token they will receive 1.25 HKA, directly on their Vallet thus in summary 25% of profit plus 10% of bonus.
In addition the first investor and the most generous, will be invited in on one of our campuses to spend a week of vacation and visited the site and see the achievement that was possible thanks to their investment.

The project?
A token associated with two projects:
2.- The creation of a new model for a participative and collaborative society, this will be done by the creation of "Social Campus" where the ecological footprint will be close to zero, with greater social justice, these Social Campus will be composed of several activities, an electronic waste recycling center, a computer training center, a mining farm, a data center, a hydroponic farm (without GMOs or Glyphosate) housing or emissions.
1.- The creation of trust contracts, Hackcoeur Coin (HKA) which will be used to exchange between the campuses of each country without exchange costs, of active contract which allows its holder to receive dividends AHK directly in his portfolio ERC20 to the end of each month.
Third-party revenues are also studied with the possibility of co-locating your equipment in our infrastructures (use of the unused electrical capacity).

Where will they be located?
The premises and equipment will be located in the region of Fortaleza, in the north of Brazil, the others of the other projects are still under study, you can make your suggestions on ( forum link).
Cooling equipment is natural (outdoor air) + heat recovery for heating, no energy tariffs as the facilities will be equipped with solar panels and hydropower plant, offset all maintenance and electricity costs associated .

The pre-sale starts on March 15th and ends on April 1st.
For investors, the repayment will be as follows 25% end 2021, 25% end 2022, 25% end 2023, and 25% end 2024 at the end of the project.
The sale to the public will start on April 1st until July 31st.

You can get more information on the project site: (url link)
ICO: link)

More information:
Whitepaper & roadmap: (url du lien)


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