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World Wide Finance Partner of Yours.


Seseral offers worldwide investment solutions for all the investors and newcomers in crypto-world by it�s own crypto-asset named SSL which can be a decentralized finance (DeFI). We know nowadays there are a lot of DeFi projects but SSL can be the solution for all the crypto-investment-problems of the trader community by making the trading easier with fast transactions and less fee because of its TRC-20 algorithm. SSL can be traded decentralized in any kind of Popular DEX/Swap platform like Uniswap and JustSwap.

The major focus of our platform is to build a tradable asset which can be a problem solver in money transfer and payment section. We can assure the future of SSL by seseral�s own decentralized swapping platform which will be the next generation exchanger with strong security and advanced features. To make SSL more valuable we have locked a percentage of the total supply to create a demand in crypto market and the locked token will be unlocked in future to reduce the demand when deploying seseral�s swapping platform and wallet.

Seseral offers three high demanded products, Which will help a lot to keep prices high. That�s are Seseral Wallet, Seseral Dex, and Seseral payment token. Users will able to sent any borderless payment using SSL.

Seseral Crypto Wallet

With our crypto app, our community can send, and receive cryptocurrencies currencies through the employment of email addresses and their wallets; they're going to even be able to track the costs of their portfolio with our app. Our technology can permit fast, straightforward, and secured transactions.

Seseral will add one-tap swapping feature on seseral wallet. Users can swap their SSL with other currencies easily by seseral wallet. Already we have started working on seseral wallet and hopefully, community can test the beta version of seseral wallet in the last of December.


  • Q1 (2020): Concept generation � meeting with team
  • Q2 (2020): Research proving the concept can work � Stronger Plan
  • Q3 (2020): Whitepaper writing
  • Q4 (2020): Pre sale starting
  • Q1 (2021): Liquidity on Justswap, Some exchange listing
  • Q2 (2021): Major exchange listing
  • Q3 (2021): Seseral wallet
  • Q4 (2021): Seseral swapping platform

Distribution Of Seseral – Token

  • PRE-SALE: 40,000 SSL
  • Liquidity: 30,000 SSL
  • MARKETING: 4,500 SSL
  • Development: 2,000 SSL
  • TEAM AND ADVISER: 3,500 SSL ( Locked until January 2022)
  • LOCKED: 20,000 SSL ( Locked until Mars 2023)

Seseral Pre-sale will start from 15 October 2020. Here is a list of SSL prices.

� SSL 1st round price is 12 USD with a 15% bonus.
� SSL 2nd round price is 12 USD with a 10% bonus.
� SSL 3rd round price is 12 USD with a 05% bonus.

Here is a list of Pre-Sale round dates.

� SSl 1st round started from 15 October and end 05 November.
� SSl 2nd round will start from 06 November and end 25 November.
� SSL 3rd round will start from 26 November and end 15 December.
The one important thing is, SSL price is stable for round, Only the percentage of bonus is deferent.

Follow us on Medium: https://seseral-finance.medium.com
Whitepaper: https://seseral.finance/whitepaper

Twitter: https://twitter.com/seseral_finance

Telegram https://t.me/seseral

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/seseralfinance

Github: https://github.com/seseral-finance

Whitepaper: https://seseral.finance/whitepaper

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