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Hello friends! This is a SCAM ALERT ANN will be pretty helpful for Newbies in Crypto – Masternode section!

So… Let's start analyzing this "project" BLACER…

Today 04:25 i found Funny announce about Blacer project (he looks like a scam projects from Pirlokk "LRM").

This announcement got my attantions coz This "person" in last project made pre-sale for 70 btc ~35 MNs but he wrote in pre-sale room "he will sold 20 MNs total". 2 BTC / MN KARL!!!!

This is a first reason which proof me about this guy not fair with his pre-sale investors.


Second reason was on Exchange…  

This guy Pirlokkk (Discord name) started his first tricks on Coinexchange.io.
Remember? MN price was 2 bct for 1 MN or 0.002 btc / 1 coin, around 15-20 MNs bought earlyer investors and around 15-20 MNs had this guy for put down Investors ROI…

ROI – Return of Investments.

So far… after first listing on the first exchange this Pirlokkk started to make manipulation with the LRM price and he dumped it to 0.0008 btc or 0.8 btc / 1 MN. Thats mean first investors already was in as*…

When first investors asked him (Pirlokkk) what's going on and what the hell are going on with the price, this guy answered: "I do not know, this is you (first investors) fault"…
If you do not know about LRM… ROI was around 1300 % / year. And first investors had only 35-50 coins daily. 15-20 MNs * 35-50 coins / day = 1000 LRM / day. I know many first investors which bought LRM MN and i know about they Holded for second MN. On excahnge everyday was sold around 10 000 LRM or 10 MNs. I do not including FAKE VOLUME WHICH HE MADE… IF inlcude…. 150 btc = 75 000 LRM was sold every day on Coinexchange.io. And this funny guy telling to my friends "this is your (first investors fault). i do not made this manipulation…" LOL! 75 000 LRM KARL!!!

Of course he raised back LRM price coz in next couple days will be Crypto-Bridge – queen  of  Sh*t coin exchange.

Couple days later LRM was wisted on CB… All Pre-sale investors waited for this day coz they want to fix lil bit LRM coins and invest in other projects BUT!!!…. What do you thinking was?

Of course! He started sell more and more his Dev coins  from MNs which he puted in network before started pre-sale…

Sorry for long story like that. But it's lil bit about Pirlokkk and how he "working/stoling"  investors btc.

Right now LRM price on CB = Buy orders 0.00013580 / 1 LRM or 0.135 btc / MN and Sell orders 0.00014217 btc / 1 LRM or 0.142 btc / MN.

My friends bought 1 MN / 0.002 btc or 2 btc / MN and they have minuses coz this Scam Dev Discord name (Pirrlokk) sold only his coins and didn't get the chance for pre-sale investors sold their coins.

So. Now will be small descriptions about BLACER COIN…

I found similar decor like Pirlokkk did in his project, thats mean same designer here… 1 SCAM ALERT REASON.

2 SCAM ALERT REASON Pirklokk in discord server like a official Partner… I think This clown Pirlokk still thinking about he have a good reputation =)

3 SCAM ALERT REASON – They deleted all people who asking in DISCORD general c
hat about What this scamer Pirlokk doing here (in Blacer discord server). All this guys got banned without any reason… Only coz they asked simple question…

Be carefule they will have pre-sale soon. Be smarter! Save your money! Do not gift it to PIRLOKKK.!

Here is the couple links for you! All information which i wrote above you can check here!

SCAM PROJECT FROM PIRLOKKK LRMhttps://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5075570.0

SECOND SCAM PROJECT FROM PIRLOK AND HIS FRIEND BLACER IS HERE https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5099195.0

LRM coin price on CB https://wallet.crypto-bridge.org/market/BRIDGE.LRM_BRIDGE.BTC

IF you will see Pirlokk in other projects like official partner be carefule! This can be his project where you will lose all your investments.


Sorry for grammar mistakes, im from Ukraine.


Created by Neekel

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