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Quark – Dark Pool marketplace for legal cryptocurrencies, stable coins and STO coins, which verifies transactions by scoring counterparties. The transaction is carried out with the participation of partner�s eserk, which provides security for the buyer of coins.


Liquidity fragmentation
More than 200 exchanges operating independently of each other result in fragmented liquidity
Market impact of big orders
Booked orders on exchanges are visible for all, which means that large orders (even before execution) have a market impact. It is this reason, to avoid market impact of booked orders, that large players feel the need to trade on the OTC market. Even though there is huge trading volume on the OTC market, there is no single marketplace
An overwhelming majority of crypto exchanges are centralized. The result is high fees and an unacceptable risk to the traders� funds from hackers. Most crypto exchanges have fees are several times higher compared to the classical market, where traders frequently get charged three times: deposit and withdrawal of funds, as well as on the trade itself
Lack of trust
Lack of guarantees in the legal purity and security of the purchased coin


Dark Pool technology
It allows traders to submit buy/sell orders without showing the volume, price or direction of the order. The system then matches buyers and sellers with compatible trade specifications. The fact that prices and volume of orders are (placed in �dark pools�) kept silent eliminates the potential of market impact.
Cross chain swaps
It allows tokens and crypto currencies on different blockchains to be traded via smart contract. The ability to trade assets from different blockchains on a decentralized basis, makes it possible to gather the whole market on one platform!
Directly p2p transactions
Direct, secure and transparent transactions will matched on chain while the executed off chain. The result will be fast and low cost trading,
Ensuring the legal purity of the transaction
We work only with Stable Coin and Security token, who work in the legal and financial field of the market in which the transaction is made.
In addition, the platform does not receive funds (even a commission) before the transaction is completed.

Required Investment Amount
We are in search of $200K investment for 10% of the European company.
Currently, $40K has been invested in the quark and the project is participating in the startup program of one of the Eurozone countries.
An investor who has invested more than $80К in addition to the company's share receives a startup visa for up to three years.

Telegram https://t.me/QuarkWorldCommunity

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