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qCoin – Invest in a future of quantum computing

Quantum Computing is the Future

Today's physical quantum computers are very noisy and neither large scalable quantum hardware has been demonstrated nor have commercially useful algorithms for today's small noisy quantum computers been published.

There is an increasing amount of investment in quantum computing by governments, established companies, and start-ups. Both applications of near-term intermediate-scale device and the demonstration of quantum supremacy are actively pursued in academic and industrial research.

Ten years from now, this will all be a different story.

Invest in the Future of Computing

You can invest in quantum computing today and own part of the future tomorrow. Mine some qCoin and you will be holding onto value that will only grow much bigger with the advancement of quantum computing.

qCoin has pending partnerships with some of the biggest names in quantum computing. Companies like Intel and Microsoft are already showing impressive progress in quantum computing. Invest in a quantum future by holding qCoin.

The Future of Finance

Savvy bankers and quantitative hedge fund professionals are already using quantum computers to solve some of the hardest problems in financial services.

In the finance world, quantum computing can help traders, analysts and their firms overcome financial research challenges. By evaluating all possible solutions simultaneously, quantum computing solves financial problems previously deemed impossible to solve.

PoW Algorithm: Scrypt

50 QCO – PoW Block Rewards

Difficulty re-target: Every block

Block Time: 300 Secs

8MB Maximum Block Size

Fair Launch! – No ICO or Pre-Mine!

qCoin AirDrop until June 10th

Join the qCoin AirDrop now and get 5,000 QCO for free. Just go to our website (https://qcoin.website) and complete the quick four question quiz.

This offer is valid until June 10th, or until the AirDrop supply is gone.

Website: https://qcoin.website/
Mining Pool: https://qcoin.website/pool


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