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Website pvp.io
Registrar domain 1API GmbH
Domain reg 2015-02-07
Domain exp 2020-02-07
Nameservers ns1.ispapi.net
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Global E-sports Eco-trusted Network

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Our vision
Through PVP e-sports ecosystem solution
To Empower e-sports participates around the world the right of voting and to realize crowd-governance of events

Our Solution
1. Based on the DAO Distributed Organizational Governance, game publisher will open game IP Spontaneously.
2. Smart Protocol is to provide gamers-remuneration and betting prize, transparent mechanism to protect rights and interests.
3. Player's digital assets can be stored on the chain, and point-to-point transactions  to realize residual value

PVPChain Ecosystem
PVPCHAIN will create for the globe a highly professional esports ecological chain with a five-level architecture including �Public Chain Layer�, �Protocol Layer, �Application Layer�, �Community Layer�, and �Traffic Layer�.
Breaking through on games users, try to build a crowedgovernance community and an open games copyright market, and to accelerate the sportization of e-sports  by the alliance

Self-develop DAPP
PVP will use its own industry resources to cooperate with the top enterprises in the industry, and will give priority to the use of block chain technology in the field of competition management, competitive guessing and interactive fans.

PVPChain Protocol
Protocol is based on the rules defined by the community consensus and expressed by code. The Protocol is also part of the ecological rules. The upgrade and modification of the agreement also requires the community to reach a consensus.

Allied with Top E-sports Companies
PVPCHAIN Trust Network can connect e-sports ecosystem every roles efficiently. It already collaborates with business, game producers, clubs and players to develop PVPCHAIN Trust Network together

Symbol – PVP (ERC20)
Supply – 10 000 000 000 PVP
For sale – 3 000 000 000 PVP
Reference price -0.005 USD
Soft cap – 300 000 000 PVP
Hard cap – 3 000 000 000 PVP
Accepted currencies – BTC & ETH & USDT
Minimum Buy-in – BTC 0.01,ETC 0.1,USDT 1
Unsold tokens will be burnt

For more information, please follow us
【Mail】:[email protected]
【Twitter】: https://twitter.com/PVPCHAINIO
【Medium】: https://medium.com/@pvpchain

Website  |  Whitepaper  |  Telegram  |  Medium  |  Twitter  |  Reddit  |  Facebook

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PVPCHAINIO

Telegram https://t.me/PVPChain/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PVPChain/

Medium: https://medium.com/@pvpchain

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