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Website proxynode.network
Registrar domain GoDaddy.com, LLC
Domain reg 2019-02-21
Domain exp 2020-02-21
Nameservers ns1.vpsserver.com
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What is ProxyNode?

According to the old ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5076241.60
ProxyNode was created to serve as a decentralised platform that provides a more secure platform for virtual private servers.

After the launch of the coin and the project roadmap, the developers concluded that the project end goal (a secure VPS hosting service on the blockchain) was not achievable. This setback then caused the disintegration of the original team and the evaporation of investor interest and market cap value.

On Feb 20th 2019 and after discussion with the founding team, the project was handed over to the community, spearheaded by SizzlePhizzle. As part of the transition, we formed a new team, inspected transferred resources (servers, wallets and repositories) and initiated discussions about the future of the project.

While we appreciated at the time that this news could deter potential investors, we pushed on and critically, committed to being transparent and honest. Here, we formally announce the successful re-establishment of the ProxyNode project and team.

The ProxyNode Team
SizzlePhizzle is the ProxyNode project lead. He and all other team members have no immediate gains from adopting this project, other than the target of a successful coin. There are no pre-mine funds as the project used all of them before the handover. We are rebuilding from the ground and funding the future through incentives and our own personal finances. A lack of funds, however, does not mean that we fall. It means that all the options for going forward need proper scrutiny. We, therefore, have settled on a (short term) road map. Critically, and as part of our overall strategy, we strive to keep the community up to date.
The Proxynode roadmap:
1: Build a team. A team is now in place, although we consider all applications. We regularly call upon the community for contributions.

2: Define areas for collaboration, research, improvement and implementation. We have made significant progress in this area.

3: Discuss with the community about the future direction.

4: Reinvigorate communications channels (Discord, Telegram and Twitter).

5: Get acquainted with and improve the backend setup to ensure a bright future for PRX.

We want to thank all of those early investors who hodled strong and did not waiver under challenging circumstances. They are the real supporters of PRX that are not to be forgotten.

Proxynode (http://proxynode.network/) in partnership with MASC (http://mascsolutions.uk/) now offer our stakeholders the option of hosting a PRX masternode and paying for the service with PRX, making it a viable currency for a service. We continue working with MASC to bring more services available with PRX being their exclusively accepted currency.

Ticker: PRX
Algorithm: HashX11
Maximum Supply: 275,000,000 PRX
Masternode Reward: 80%
Staking Reward: 20%
Masternode collateral: (See reward structure)
Block Time: ~ 70 seconds
Maturity: 50 blocks
Minimum staking age: 6 hours

Official Links
Website: http://proxynode.network/
GITHUB: http://github.com/ProxyNode/proxynode
WALLET: http://github.com/ProxyNode/proxynode/releases/

Community Channel

Crex: https://crex24.com/exchange/PRX-BTC
CryptoBridge: https://wallet.crypto-bridge.org/market/BRIDGE.PRX_BRIDGE.BTC

One of the key members of the team is Huitemae, our Community Manager. He has authority to reach out to 3rd parties in the interest of Proxynode.


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