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About Prime X

PrimexCoin is a one-of-a-kind blockchain-based cryptocurrency designed to deliver blazing fast, secure and near-zero cost payments to anyone in the world. It is designed to overcome well-known inefficiencies within government central banks and other cryptocurrencies. We believe everyone should be able to initiate transactions that are fully secure, private and anonymous. For that reason PrimexCoin contains proven innovations that other coins have not been able to develop and incorporate. Exchanger, Financial Systems, Lightning Network and Cloud Mining are here for you. Join PrimexCoin now!

The PrimexCoin is one of such new offerings. Its state of the art solution is built around most advanced technological capabilities of SegWit & Lightning Network to deliver blazing fast, secure and near-zero cost payments to anyone in the world. It is designed to overcome well-known inefficiencies within government central banks and other crypto currencies. It induces transactions that are fully secure, private and anonymous.

Prime X Product


We will operate the biggest bitcoin exchange and altcoin crypto exchange.
Mobile Wallet
We provide secure crypto wallet

Investment Services

We offer a host of investment services that are focused on helping you meet predetermined financial goals.

How It Work?


We process of a complex topic or substance based on market into smaller parts in order to gain a better understanding of it.

– Crypto features
– Financial system
– Productivity Tools
– Business Support


We using the latest technology to maintain system stability to support our and your business processes.

– Realtime Process
– Mobile interface
– Provide faster speed of action
– Focus on security issues


Can't wait to implement our concept
After going through a disciplined business process, it's time for the system to work for you.

– Fast protocol
– Low transaction cost
– Problem solved

Roadmap Prime X

Q4 2018

Prime Coin and Exchanges Development
Making Whitepaper and Litepaper based on company
Website and Mobile App in progress

Q1 2019

Prime Coin development completed
Initial coin offering sale Prime Coin
Airdrop dan bounty program started

Q2 2019

Listing another exchange
Marketing Campaign
IOS and Android Wallet
New pair in Prime Exchange

Q3 2019

Blockchain & Trading Training
Partnership with other projects
Local exchanger in Asia, Europe

Q4 2019

Trading competition In PEX
Target Price $10
Production in Exchange

Prime X Coin

We will launch our Coins, called PrimeX Coin, with 200 million PXC in
stock. never upgraded, PXC uses the blockchain platform with the
X11 Algorithm with POW, POS, & Masternode. PXC Coin is also used
for digital payment devices, this coin has a high level of security and
also uses a wallet and private server.

PXC Coin Total Supply : 200,000,000 PXC
atform : Blockchain with the Algorithm X11 , PoW , PoS &

Coin Hybrid Type POW/POS
Algorithm X 11
Type Coin Abbrevia4on (PXC)
Maximum Coin 200 Million
Total POW Block 220,000
POW block Reward 10 PXC
Time between reward 120/Second
Minimum stake age 1 Day
Maximum stake age 90 Day
POS Yearly Interest 12%

Initial Coin Offering Sale

Stage 1

Amount of PXC : 7,000,000 PXC LIMITED
PXC Price : 0,1 USD
ICO DATE : 4 February – 11 February

Stage 2

Amount of PXC : 5,000,000 PXC LIMITED
PXC Price : 0,5 USD
ICO DATE : 11 February – 25 February

Stage 3

Amount of PXC : 3,000,000 PXC LIMITED
PXC Price : 1 USD
ICO DATE : 25 February – 4 March

Total Supply : 200,000,000 PXC
ICO supply : 15,000,000 PXC


Twitter: https://twitter.com/primex_coin

Medium: https://medium.com/@primexcoin

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/primexcoin/

Github: https://github.com/primexcoin

Discord: https://discord.gg/xtqw48

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/prime-exchange

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